Growing In Sex

Sex during the years

I grew up in the very conservative South Africa, which frequently had me hiding my sexuality and interest in sex. That changed when I came to the Netherlands, and gradually changed even more when I met the love of my life, Master T. I wanted to highlight some highlight in my life, of my sex and sexuality.

Age 9
It’s roundabout this age that I became aware of my sex and my own sexuality. Was it the abuse that made me aware, or would I have become aware, regardless?

Spreading my legs wide for my brother for him to pour water on my cunt from up high. Mom walked in on this and from then on we were not allowed to bathe together anymore.

Age 10
Touching someone of the same gender for the first time.

Age 14
Flashed my cunt to the neighbor boy.

Slipped my hand into the pants of an older boy and touched cock for the first time.

Allowed a young man (aged 18 or 19) to push a finger in my cunt.

Was madly in love with a boy in my class and lied to my parents to go on holiday with him. We were naked together in the dunes of the Namib desert. He never fucked me – not with his penis anyway.

Age 15
My first serious boyfriend. Lots of touching and ‘hand work’.

Almost 16
First time a penis enters my vagina… and leaves me pregnant.

Age 18
First boyfriend after I became a mom. Lots of sex, visiting him in his room.

Age 20
Married for the first time.

Age 21
Pregnant for the second time.

Age 22

Age 24
Sex with a superior.

Age 25
Sex with a man the same age as my mother.

Age 26
In a relationship with a man four years younger than me.

Age 27
In a relationship with a married couple.

Age 28
Moved to the Netherlands

Age 29
In a relationship where he was looking for a maid, not a lover. The only good thing of this relationship is that he introduced me to anal sex.

Age 31
Met my second husband and married him within a year.

Age 32
Posted naked photos of me online without the knowledge of my husband. He wasn’t interested, despite me asking.

Age 33
Cybersex and chatting online. I visited a cousin in South Africa and spent a night in a hotel with someone both she and I fancied.

Age 35

Met Master T.

Sex with several men I have met online. Sometimes in a car during lunch time, in a sauna and yes, even in a hotel. Sex with a colleague. Master T knew about everything. He wanted me to do what I want to do, because he didn’t want to be the ‘man in between’.

Age 36
Finally in a relationship with Master T.

Age 37
Moved in with Master T.

Age 38
Married Master T.

Age 44
Formal BDSM relationship with Master T.

Breasts and hair
This is an image from late 2011, early 2012, of which the colored version is used in my site’s logo. This was made by Master T and part of a series of BDSM images.

Age 45
First time sex with another woman after the married couple in South Africa.

Age 46
First time fucked by another man with Master T watching.

And I guess, as they say… the rest is history…

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