Master Douglas (5) – Slave Alice

This is the story of Master Douglas, a Belgian Dom who tells me stories from his life, and which I translate for this blog, with his permission. This is not my story, but his.

Continued from… Master Douglas – Cousin Nina

Douglas met Alice by chance. She was more or less looking for a Master and he decided to take her on as his slave. Where he has no strict rules for Jenna, he has a set of rules for Alice. However, Alice sometimes disappears when she has a boyfriend, or for other reasons and then after weeks she comes back and begs him to punish her.

Contrary to having no rules and agreements with Jenna regarding M/s, Master Douglas has strict agreements and limits for and with Alice. He met her after her very first BDSM experience. She was a student and someone had convinced her to undergo a caning for money. It was only when she met Douglas that she learned about the real aspects of BDSM. Alice is a tough woman and Douglas can be harder with her than with the others, even though Jenna can take quite a lot too. However, he had never caned Jenna, but he did Alice.

Jenna follows Master Douglas in everything, but she’s rarely tortured by him. Alice is the one who undergoes his torture and from the beginning she wanted to be tested; wanted more. Master Douglas tries to push her boundaries every time she has a session with him. He encourages her and he keeps a list of her achievements. In the beginning he could barely get three fingers in her and now he can easily open her up to about 12 centimeters. Her horniness knows no boundaries and when she’s wet, almost everything is possible.

When Master Douglas fucks Alice’s throat he stands over her while she is on her knees. He finds this easier, even though Alice sometimes lie down too. He controls her head and can easily pull her towards his cock, determine the rhythm or hold her head so he can push in and out freely. The latter satisfies him the most. Alice rarely gags, but she drools a lot. She sucks without condom but she never swallows. Sometimes, when Master Douglas climaxes in her mouth, his sperm comes out through her nose.

There are three ways Master Douglas tortures her genitals. He uses the riding crop on her mound while she’s lying down. Mostly he gives her twenty strokes of which three to eight are quite hard to see how much she can handle. He uses another whip to strike her cunt at the top, because he wants her to feel the stinging pain but he doesn’t want to harm her and leave any damage.Master Douglas prefers to hit the underside of Alice’s cunt when she’s lying down and her cunt is at eye level. That’s the ideal height to allow strokes to hit the right spot. When he hits Alice like this her labia swells up a lot and quite quickly. Sometimes he uses the cat-o-nine tail to finish things up, especially when her labia are totally swollen. He then hits her bottom and makes sure that the strings of the cat=o-nine sometimes hits her cunt lips. Master Douglas loves Alice’s reactions to this.

To be continued… Master Douglas – Using Jenna

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  1. When I watch or read about the more “extreme” kinds of torture and pain subs can handle, I’m fascinated and turned on, but I also know it’s not something I can handle either.

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