Master Douglas (4) – Cousin Nina

This is the story of Master Douglas, a Belgian Dom who tells me stories from his life, and which I translate for this blog, with his permission. This is not my story, but his.

Continued from… Master Douglas – Daughter Stacy

Last but not least there’s Nina. Nina is a cousin of Stacy and Douglas started spanking her at her own request. Some months ago Nina and Stacy moved in together and are in a lesbian relationship. There’s a ten-year age difference between the two women.

What Douglas only learned when it was already a fact, was that his daughter was in a lesbian relationship with her cousin Nina, from when Nina was in her early teenage years. One day Nina came to Douglas and presented herself to be spanked. Apparently Nina was aware of the M/s relationship of Douglas and Jenna because Stacy had told her. Where Douglas sometimes had a session with both Jenna and Alice, he never involved Nina in sessions with Jenna because of the family relationship. Nina normally sends a message to Douglas to asks whether he has time for her. Mostly he does.

It seemed Nina was the one who approached the exhibitionist Stacy and eventually moved in with her, which was better, because at home she was on her own which lead to some problematic relationships. Douglas learned about their sexual relationship in passing, like when Stacy mentioned that Nina’s small hands fitted perfectly in her ass. Douglas admits that this knowledge made him proud of Stacy. It is clear that he is very fond of his daughter, even though he has never seen her as a daughter in the traditional way. Neither does she see him as a father.

Nina is not a slave. She and Master Douglas has an agreement that she gets a spanking and nothing more. Nine loves being spanked, kicks on the pain and after a spanking, loves to masturbate. Master Douglas decides in what position Nina has to stand and how many strokes she gets. All Master Douglas gets from this is the joy of checking how quickly he can get her wet and how much pain she can endure. The rhythm and the force of the strokes determine how wet she gets and how much pain she has to handle. Stopping or hitting her harder on crucial moments can alter how Nina reacts. More stories will follow on their sessions.

To be continued… Master Douglas – Slave Alice

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  1. I find relationships between cousins a little off, but the one thing that didn’t phase me was the non-sexual spanking. It sounds like she gets what she needs and that’s it.

  2. Interesting how people find eachother. I have no idea what other people get up to, including those within my inner circle.

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