Master Douglas (3) – Daughter Stacy

This is the story of Master Douglas, a Belgian Dom who tells me stories from his life, and which I translate for this blog, with his permission. This is not my story, but his.

Continued from… Master Douglas – Wife Jenna

Stacy is their daughter. For as long as Douglas could remember, Stacey was interested in sex. She never called him ‘dad’ but always called him by his name. He was her father and guided her as such, but he was also her best friend. She told him everything and hid nothing from him, not even her sexual appetite. Stacy craves sex and gets restless when she doesn’t have an orgasm for some hours. She masturbates frequently during the day and when she was younger, she did it in front of her parents too. There are times when Douglas worries that he should have been stricter with her, but he also remembers that he had tried, but it never worked.

Where Stacy has a very good relationship with her father and the ‘father-daughter-line’ sometimes is very vague, the bond between mother and daughter is not as tight. Stacy always knew about the kind of relationship her parents are in. She discusses everything with her father and whenever she visits, it is clear that there’s a huge difference between her and her mom. Douglas notices that sometimes there even is a kind of rivalry between mother and daughter. Stacy is more open with her father than she is with her mother.

One afternoon when Stacy visited her parents, she was wearing a posh long black dress. It had a high slit on the leg and was so low cut in the front that when Stacy bent forward, her small breasts were clearly visible. As she did from a very young age, and she still does even though she is a grown woman, she sat down and pulled up her legs, not minding that her parents could see her naked crotch. Jenna got some drinks from the kitchen and was fully clothed, but on her own accord she had put on a very short black skirt. She tried her best to impress her daughter. Douglas loves that his wife tries to make an impression like this.

Both mother and daughter have beautiful genitals, even though with Jenna her labia have been stretched from being used and tortured for years. That was visible under the short skirt she wore. Douglas was sure that if he wanted to have Jenna and Stacy in one session, Stacy would have gone for it. However, there are differences between mother and daughter. Where the mother is submissive, the daughter is dominant and loves to be in charge, but she will never take on a slave. Even though she is familiar with BDSM, her desires are not to explore that side of her. What Jenna doesn’t know is that, years before, Stacy had seen her parents busy during a BDSM session.

Stacy came home unexpectedly while her parents were busy in the playroom. She was already watching for fifteen minutes or so before her father spotted her in the small opening of the door. Jenna had her back turned to the door of the room and didn’t see Stacy. Douglas didn’t know what to do or how to react and waited for a while. He noticed that Stacy was busy masturbating. This was not the first time she did it while her father could see her. She had done this many times in the past, also when her mother could see her. She just was and is this open with her parents and they have always allowed it, have never told her that it’s ‘wrong’. Master Douglas blindfolded Jenna and turned her to face the door. When it was clear that Stacy would stay to watch, Master Douglas continued with the session. Once Stacy was an adult, on several occasions she had seen Douglas fuck Jenna.

Douglas and Stacy frequently talks about sex and her sexuality and how it has developed from a young age to where she is now.

To be continued… Master Douglas – Cousin Nina

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6 thoughts on “Master Douglas (3) – Daughter Stacy

    1. Those are the perfect words to describe my own feelings about this… fascinating yet disconcerting.

  1. Wow. Yeah, this one gives me a slightly uncomfortable feeling. I marvel at that kind of openness but I wonder if that perception of competition is healthy or not.

    1. I totally understand the uncomfortable feeling. I still have it… even after all this time of knowing.

  2. Hmmm….while I respect their dynamic I struggle with what I believe is a breach of trust between a Dom and his sub but more importantly between husband and wife. Just MHO.

    Could some of the distance between mother and daughter be because of what she has witnessed?

    1. I don’t know when the distance between mom and daughter started, whether it was always there. I also understand your opinion about the breach of trust. Their relationship was one where she accepted everything he wanted, without negotiating or expressing her desires. It doesn’t mean what happened was a good thing…

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