Master Douglas (2) – Wife Jenna

This is the story of Master Douglas, a Belgian Dom who tells me stories from his life, and which I translate for this blog, with his permission.

Continued from… Master Douglas – An introduction

Jenna is the wife of Douglas and when she met him, had no experience at all with BDSM. He introduced her to it, and she grew into submitting to him whenever he demanded it, which still is a lot, even though they are both halfway through their fifties. Their sex life is very much alive and I personally think that a lot of couples would give an arm and a leg to have what Douglas and Jenna have.

Jenna is three years older than Master Douglas, but the age difference is no problem to either of them.

They have been involved in BDSM and specifically in a Master-slave relationship from the tender age of 19 and 22. Douglas already had some experience, but Jenna had no knowledge at all of BDSM. Their M/s relationship started in a natural way, when Master Douglas, just after he had fucked Jenna and still had his cock in her, asked her if he could hit her breasts. Jenna agreed and made no sound with the first slap. He continued to slap her and Jenna seemed to enjoy this for as long as he was still in her. She never agreed or disagreed with the BDSM part of their relationship.

They never made a formal agreement, but from that day Jenna subjected herself to the pain, lust and humiliation. Master Douglas gave Jenna a stop word, which she has never used. From that day, when she was 22, Jenna allowed Douglas to do everything he wanted to. Douglas never does things to Jenna she doesn’t want, and her joy lies in submitting to his ministrations.

Jenna is now in her late fifties and she complains about her body that has grown older. It’s not as tight anymore, not like she sees it with Stacy and Alice, who are both in their late twenties. Douglas has no problem at all with his wife’s body. What Jenna can do with her body to him is more important than what it looks like. She has a belly and even that he doesn’t mind. What her body does, the joy it gives them both, is more important to him. However, he notices that she cannot handle as much anymore as she did in the past. There were times when a session lasted half a day, but nowadays the sessions are a lot shorter because Jenna tires quickly. Douglas mentions that he is proud of what Jenna can do with her body, that she can do so much more than women who are not in a BDSM relationship. He refers to the pain and humiliation she can handle, as well as the insertions

In the beginning of their relationship there was something of a vanilla side to their relationship, but that quickly disappeared the longer they were together. Douglas decides what happens, when and where. In their thirty years together Jenna has never undertaken anything. Douglas decides what happens and when and where it does. Jenna offers herself to her husband when he returns home from work. This is one way for him to know when she is horny, but on the other hand she has been fucked so many times that being horny could almost not be spoken of anymore. If Douglas unbuttons his pants, Jenna automatically offers her body for him to use.

Sometimes Douglas fucks her on ‘automatic pilot’. However, ‘automatic pilot’ in this case might be the wrong term to use. When Douglas fucks Jenna, he and she are very aware of what they are doing, but sometimes, when they are not in a session, Douglas is horny because of something else and not because he wants to fuck Jenna, but then he does because she’s available. Then she almost becomes a thing and she offers herself because Douglas has a hard-on, not because she’s in the mood for sex.

Jenna was asked whether she is happy and she said she is. She said she loves to submit and to know what’s going to happen at the moment Master Douglas orders her into position. However, Master Douglas understands that Jenna likes to submit, but on the other hand she doesn’t like it, like when Douglas tells her to bent forward, naked, so he could see her cunt and in the meantime he is talking to Alice. This makes her feel like an object and it’s not something she particularly likes.

Even though they fuck frequently, Jenna has a low libido. This is a total contrast to Douglas and Stacy, their daughter, who both have a high libido.

To be continued… Master Douglas – Daughter Stacy

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  1. I already find them fascinating – especially since so little was “discussed” but she appears (from this story at least) to accept it in a way that makes her a full participant and she knows what she likes and doesn’t (if the feeling like an object part is any indication). I feel like I’m peeking in a window with this. 🙂

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