Double Satisfaction: Next Generation Satisfyers

I have tested three Satisfyers before and was again approached by the company whether I would be willing to test the Next Generation Satisfyers. I was curious to know whether these new Satisfyers were better than the first series, so I agreed to test them in exchange for a review.

This time I received two Satisfyers, tthe Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation and the Satisfyer Pro Penguin Next Generation. Both toys came in beautiful security-sealed boxes and inside was the toy, an instruction booklet and a magnetic USB charging cable. The features of both toys are as follows:

  • Whisper mode
  • Pressure wave & touch free clitoral stimulation
  • Body friendly silicon
  • Easy to clean
  • Re-chargeable battery
  • Magnetic USB cable included
  • Waterproof
  • 11 programs
  • Replaceable head

I immediately fell in love with the look of the new Penguin. It is SO cute with the little purple bow tie and because it’s black and white, it really resembles a penguin. However, I put it aside to first test the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation

Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation

I was sad to see the bulkiness of the ‘mouth’ of the toy to still be the same as in the first version of this toy. I tried again to put it over my clitoris and between my labia, but this stretched me open too much, which made me remove the toy quite quickly. However, I did feel the strength of the vibrations and suction first, before I removed it. You can now go up and down through the intensity of the sensations, but when you go up and want to come down to the lowest setting in one push of a button, you can’t. This is something I love in my Womanizer Pro (sorry that I have to mention this here again): when I want to postpone my orgasm, I go up through the settings and when it gets to intense, I push one button and it’s back to the beginning. I tried it with the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation, but unfortunately this feature was not on the toy.

One thing that I did notice, is that the toy is now a lot quieter than the first version of it. This is a huge improvement in my opinion.

Satisfyer Pro Penguin Next Generation

Satisfyer Pro Penguin Next Generation

One of my complaints with the first version of this toy was that the mouth is too hard and thin. In this Next Generation version of the toy the mouth looks the same, but it didn’t feel as hard as the first version.

With this toy I have the same complaint as with the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation: you cannot go from a higher setting right down to the lowest setting, but have to go through all the settings to go down. Another thing that happened is that I couldn’t properly see the ‘wave’ icons on the controls. I had to hold it against the light and turn it a bit to properly see it. Once you know which is which, it’s easy to use the controls.


Satisfyer has definitely listened to its customers to improve these very affordable toys, but I do think that there’s still more work to be done. I will still not choose the Satisfyers over my trusted Womanizer, but I stick with the statement I made in the review of the first series of toys:

I think these toys might just get used when I am forced to keep my legs apart and Master T takes one of them to hand to ‘torture’ me to an orgasm.

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