going commando

You know, I should really get back to this, to going commando. It has been too long since I did it for the last time. And why? Because I am turning into an old woman. Where I absolutely love the feeling of going knickerless, I hate the feeling of sweat between my legs in summer, so I wear knickers and kind of thin cycling trousers to protect my thighs. Comfort before sexy. In winter I used to wear only my tights, no knickers, but I stopped doing this when I ‘thought’ I might be losing fluids. I didn’t, but just the thought of it made me feel so uncomfortable that I started wearing knickers again.

I should at least sometimes be adventurous enough to not wear my protective cycling pants or, since winter will soon be upon us again, have the confidence to go without knickers. I know, then I am wearing tights, but it still feels like I am going commando, because the tights really feels good against my cunt. It’s just so different from wearing knickers.

Being commanded to go commando is not really part of our D/s. Once Master T punished me by telling me I was not allowed to wear knickers, but since I like the feeling it wasn’t really a punishment. Oh and, I do have the standing order that I am not allowed to wear underwear on a Sunday but with all that is/was going on in our lives, I haven’t kept this up. I will get back to it, once things settle over here.
Coming to think of it, having said that, sometimes going commando IS part of our D/s, such as when we meet new people ( and Master T tells me I am allowed to wear stockings, but no knickers.

What is it about going commando that I like?
Definitely the freedom. In a way, knickers is quite restricting. If there is one thing I hate, it is when the leg elastics of the knickers dig into my groin. When I feel that, I always want to take my knickers off. Immediately. I can’t always, but damn, how I would love to. Something else I like about it is that it feels like the world knows you’re not wearing knickers, but at the same time you know they don’t. Going commando on a summer’s day I am always afraid that the wind might blow my dress up and then sometimes I hope it does, because I want people to see. I bet I would die a thousand deaths if this really happens!

I now wonder, if I am to wear crotchless knickers or tights, would that count as going commando too? In my book it would and somehow, wearing anything crotchless makes me feel ten times more sexy and desirable than when I wear proper tights or knickers.

What I really, really like when I go commando is that Master T knows about it. And, when he knows about it, I want him to give ‘attention’ to it, whether it’s with a nod of his head in the direction of my crotch while we are between other people or to feel his hand on my ass or my leg in the same situation. No matter how much I like to go commando, it’s absolutely NO fun when Master T shows no interest in it.
And that might just be one of the reasons why I haven’t done it for so long – because neither my or Master T’s mind are/were able to handle the sexiness. Does that even make sense?

No matter what, we will get back to it. I love the feeling of going commando too much to never do it again!

going commando
Wondering who can see me from below as I look out over the town on the other side of the river…

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