Singing In The Rain

I don’t like walking in the rain. Don’t like getting my hair wet in the rain as only a few drops will make my hair hang and look terrible. Or rather, I think I look terrible. I don’t like when my clothes get wet, even though I know it will dry. I hate when water gets in my shoes.


There always is a ‘but’, right?

barefoot in the rain

I do have nice memories of walking in the rain. Barefoot. Rewind about 36 years to some of my teenage years in Namibia. Typically, days started out sunny and with bright blue skies. By 11 in the morning, big white clouds started to build in the sky and by 4 in the afternoon a thunderstorm would wipe the sky clean again. It was during these ‘storms’ that a friend and I used to walk in the rain. The tarred streets were still hot from the burning sun and despite risking glass in my feet, I always took my sandals off. Swinging them along in one hand and holding hands with my best friend while we sang a popular Afrikaans song.

Barefoot in the rain
The two of us, barefoot and alone
While it softly rains around us
Rains in the lane and…

The two of us runs barefoot in the rain
And we laugh barefoot in the rain
The drops fall around us
Barefoot in the rain
You and I alone

The above is a free translation of the Afrikaans song, and reading the original words have transported me right back to my  youth, and times when life was a lot less complicated than now. Those four years we lived in Namibia was always the time when I discovered my sexuality and exhibitionist nature.

Where today I have no desire at all to get wet in the rain, I do love the memories of a carefree time.

I don’t think getting wet in the rain will ever become a kink of mine, especially not in this country where rain equals cold. If ever I am told to get wet in the rain, I am sure it will be part of a punishment and not a pleasure.

If anyone care to listen to the original Afrikaans song, this is it:

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  1. I’m with you on the cold rain but I yearn for child like fun in the rain. The barefoot skipping, the laughter and giggles to turn into something far sexier.

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