Get To Know Me

Many times search terms that lead to my blog are simply ‘rebel’s notes’, ‘rebelsnotes’ or ‘Marie Rebelle’. I normally don’t elaborate on those search terms, but they tie in nicely with something I have seen on twitter and have decided to participate in…

Get To Know Me

At the time of writing this (20 June 2017), I had received 99 likes and have shared 99 facts. For the case of a round number, I am sharing 100 facts about me below. Some of these facts are new, others have already been shared on my blog in the past, whether in a similar post as this, or in other blog post where I write about our life and experiences.

There are some facts and confessions below on which I might elaborate further in the weeks to come.

  1. I have been born & raised in South Africa and have also lived in Namibia for four years.
  2. I moved to the Netherlands at the end of 1994 because I fled away from a bad relationship.
  3. I am a grandmother of two beautiful grandsons.
  4. I have three kids, born from three different fathers and two born from my body.
  5. I lost my virginity roundabout my 16th birthday and fell pregnant.
  6. I once was in a relationship with a married couple, having sex with both of them.
  7. The relationship with the married couple was abusive. He was the abuser of his wife and me.
  8. My first marriage ended after two years because my then husband had abused my daughter (she was not his).
  9. My second marriage ended because he ignored my kids and did everything for his, who didn’t live with us.
  10. My third marriage is with the love of my life, @TheGrandMasterT and it will last forever <3
  11. I had a burnout in 2012 and feel like I am heading for another and there is nothing I can do to stop it…
  12. I played with dolls up to my fourteenth year. Two years later I was a mother.
  13. I sleep with ear plugs to cut out all sounds around me. I do hear my alarm clock though.
  14. I identify as bisexual.
  15. I turned 50 this year and I loved it as much as I did turning 40. Age means nothing to me though. It’s just a number, but I do like milestones.
  16. Looking at royal series like Elizabeth or the Tudors or reign, I wish I can wear dresses like that too!
  17. I love Chardonnay! And Captain Morgan and Coke. Oh, and Amarula. Those are my absolute favorite alcoholic beverages.
  18. I love the Netflix series ‘Grace & Frankie’ but Master T doesn’t. I still need to watch third season.
  19. I love to sleep! I really love my bed, even though I think I need to get a new mattress to sleep even better!
  20. On week nights we go to bed at 10.30pm and get up at 6am. In the weekends we prefer to go to bed late. Really late!
  21. Ever since I had anal sex for the first time, I had been fascinated by it. It’s amazing!
  22. I once was in a sexual relationship with a man the same age as my mom.
  23. My second pregnancy almost ended in a miscarriage when I was 13 weeks pregnant. That was my first and only ride in an ambulance.
  24. I spent my 21st birthday in bed, because I had to stay in bed to prevent the miscarriage.
  25. When we go away, it’s never for longer than a weekend. We don’t go on vacation but prefer to stay home.
  26. My favorite Dutch city is Rotterdam. Utrecht is a close second, but I really love Rotterdam!
  27. My other favorite city is across the channel. I absolutely LOVE London!
  28. There is something incredibly sexy about staying in a hotel! It always makes me horny 🙂
  29. My body shows three big tattoos, but I had five tattoos. Two were much smaller and have been covered up.
  30. I have been pierced ten times, but have only five piercings left. They are all genital piercings.
  31. I have been shaving my pussy since I was 20. It has become part of my morning shower routine.
  32. My uterus was removed a month before my 25th birthday because of fibromas.
  33. I have a younger brother but he is an utter dickhead and narcissist. I have no other siblings.
  34. In school I was one of those quiet, exemplary students always doing their homework and learning for tests.
  35. I was a gymnast back in school and university and even reached the national competitions. I might still have some of my moves 😉
  36. I once studied to become a PT teacher but an injury to my wrists forced me to quit the study. This was in 1985.
  37. I only started another degree in 2006 and got it in 2011. I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (BBA).
  38. I eat when I am stressed. I eat too much when I am stressed 🙁
  39. I need clitoral stimulation to have orgasms. I can only climax from PIV sex when I had many orgasms before that.
  40. I can have orgasm from nipple stimulation (pinching) only. This I discovered pure by accident during our first ever hotel stay.
  41. I had my nipples pierced twice, but both times my body rejected those piercings. I love nipple piercings!
  42. I have two favorite sex toys – Doxy and Womanizer. Both give me the most amazing orgasms, but I never use them together.
  43. I love my pseudonym, Marie Rebelle, but Master T doesn’t like it at all! The name ‘Marie’ fits perfectly with my real name.
  44. My son and my oldest grandson are both autistic. Sometimes I think I am too, but I don’t care to know if I am right.
  45. I have recently lost 17 kilograms living the LCHF lifestyle but have gained some weight back from stress eating 🙁
  46. I am keeping a journal of my mom’s illness, writing down everything that happens, everything any doctor says. I accompany her to every appointment.
  47. I love and adore the sex blogging community. There are so many here I call my friends. They are always here for me. Love you all!
  48. I am a creative person and have always been busy creating things – clothes, cards, drawings, paintings and websites.
  49. Nowadays I only create with words, as that has always been my primary passion: writing.
  50. I am multi-orgasmic and I squirt, but only with the right combination of clitoral and G-spot stimulation.
  51. The first time I swallowed, was with Master T and then I was 36. I sucked cock before then but never long enough for them to come in my mouth.
  52. The first time I flashed my pussy I was fourteen. I did it because the five-year older neighbor boy asked me to show him.
  53. I have been fascinated by sex from when I was about 9 or 10. I touched myself, but never had an orgasm.
  54. I cannot remember how old I was when I had my first orgasm. I do however remember my first ever squirting orgasm, which might have been my first ever orgasm too.
  55. I love to get a massage but for the love of it I cannot give someone else a massage. I’ve tried so many times, but I feel ridiculous doing it.
  56. I was 18 year and two months when I got my driver’s license in South Africa. I passed the first time.
  57. I had to re-do driving lessons and a test when I moved to the Netherlands. Again I passed the first time.
  58. I barely ever cook dinner. For years now @TheGrandMasterT has been doing the cooking. And it’s always delicious!
  59. I never talk about religion because I believe it’s private, but also not about politics because it doesn’t interest me at all.
  60. I barely have discussions about sex and gender either as I think I don’t know enough to hold up a discussion :/
  61. My favorite authors are Robin Cook, John Grisham and Patricia Cornwell. Oh and I actually like Dan Brown too.
  62. I can never remember the names of movies or songs, no matter how many times I have seen or heard them.
  63. One of my biggest fantasies is to be part of a gangbang, simply because I want all my holes filled at the same time.
  64. I suffer from hyperacusis which causes me to panic when I hear loud sounds.
  65. Since I started driving, I have never been in a car accident. Two near accidents but that’s it.
  66. I have, however, been in several accidents when I rode a scooter. None of those accidents were my fault.
  67. I love to be spanked with the bare hand, and preferably when I lie across the spanker’s lap.
  68. I had two major surgeries, of which one was a cosmetic operation to hide the effects of the first.
  69. I am a very good organizer, to the point where it borders on OCD. I make lists and keep track of everything on those lists.
  70. Yesterday I helped mom to plan her funeral. It was emotional but beautiful to see that she found peace in knowing her wishes will be honored.
  71. Up to now I have never shown any male genitals on my Tumblr, or any gifs. My tumblr is dedicated to photos of beautiful women.
  72. I love to see marks on my body, left there because of the sadism of Master T or whoever he allows to touch my body.
  73. On 1 December 2017 it will be five years ago that I started a Dutch writing group for erotic bloggers and authors.
  74. I suffer severely from allergies and have to use meds every day of the year to keep those under control.
  75. I have permission from Alison Tyler to re-invent the Smut Marathon she ran a couple of years ago. More news to follow soon.
  76. Pinching my nipples ignites the fire in my clit and cunt. The more pinching, the more I need to be fingered and fucked.
  77. Even though he might never fuck me, I really enjoy the attention of the young man currently featuring on my blog…
  78. 2017 is the fourth year that I am organizing a Dutch smut marathon and I really love doing it!
  79. At this moment I want to forget the world around me and be fucked senseless after I had a heavy spanking/whipping.
  80. I have never thought I would reach it to number 80 on this list. I have more to share, so come on, hit the like button on the original tweet!
  81. I hope that one day I can be a speaker at Eroticon, but at the same time I am terrified of it. Even though I know I can do it.
  82. There are almost 2000 posts on this blog and over 14.000 posts on my Tumblr.
  83. I am considering changing from shaving daily to having a monthly Brazilian wax. The first one is a Mother’s Day present from our teen.
  84. I have called in sick to my work because I need time for myself, to deal with all that is going on in my life at this moment. This has not been an easy decision for me. I believed I could handle everything and have feelings of guilt for my ‘weakness’. However, deep down I know it takes strength to admit you need time off. Maybe that’s why I feel like I do.
  85. I love rope bondage and would love to be tied again, by a good rigger. If the bondage includes suspension, even better!
  86. I hope that Master T and I can attend a BDSM gathering in the north of the country before the end of this year.
  87. I love music in lots of different genres, from classical music to heavy rock. However, that doesn’t mean I like ALL music.
  88. Going to the spa with my best friend is one of the things I really like to do, but I don’t do it nearly enough. I AM going on Friday 🙂
  89. My favorite color is black. If you open my closet, there is more black in there than any other color. I really like red too!
  90. I have been running Wicked Wednesday since June 2012, which makes it five years now. Come join in at Wicked Wednesday.
  91. Many times, just before I have an orgasm, the thought of being watched, of the deepest folds of my pussy being seen, pushes me over the edge.
  92. Last night Mister Silent grabbed and pinched my breast. I liked it, but I liked his hugs more because that’s what I need at this moment.
  93. I want to have sex, but I can’t. My mind is just too full with worries and there’s no place for my libido. I never thought this could happen to me 🙁
  94. I know my sex drive will return when this difficult period lies behind us. It’s not gone. Other things are just more important now.
  95. I have a Nikon Coolpix P600 bridge camera and I really need to go out with my camera again. It’s been too long…
  96. I am currently in the second year of a five-year diary on my ‘projects’ site.
  97. There are times when I want to show more of my face on my blog, but I don’t have the courage… just yet.
  98. The same way I want to tell you my real name, but then I start thinking about the possible consequences…
  99. A hint: my real name combined with my chosen name can be found in history books.
  100. I have heard – @TheGrandMasterT always say it, and so has others – that I am good at giving blowjobs.

After reading through these, are there any of those you want to know more about? Don’t hesitate to ask!

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