Half My Age (6)

#fucketlist item 7: Fucking a man half my age
Sometimes I see young men around me and I see how they look at me, especially when I wear low-cut or short dresses. I always wonder how far they would go if they are given the opportunity to come onto me. Would a man half my age want to fuck me?

The above is an item on my fucketlist.
This story is about me, Master T and a young man, three years short of 30. I have written it in the third person for two reasons: the main one to protect the young man, but also because when I started writing, I actually planned to post this as fiction. However, this really happened, but I didn’t want to change it to the first person narrative, so am posting this as is.

Continued from… Half My Age (5)

The first Friday of the new year Geoff and Paula walked hand in hand towards the hotel. Through the window they saw that all the regulars were there already. Paula saw David inside and at the moment she looked through the window, he turned his head and looked right into her eyes. He held her gaze for several moments before Paula looked down and blushed. As they walked towards the bar, David was the first to give Geoff a hand and wish him a Happy New Year. Then he pulled Paula closer and kissed her cheeks, holding her close to him while he did so. Paula totally forgot about her decision to distance herself from him. She followed Geoff around the bar to wish the other regulars a Happy New Year. Everyone wanted to kiss her and some of the men even took this opportunity to kiss her on the mouth. Paula just smiled when they invited her to sit with them and walked back to where Geoff and David stood talking.

Several times more others called her, telling her there’s a stool for her to sit, but she refused leaving Geoff and David. She stood between them, and it was only when two men close to them left the bar, that she sat down. Geoff stood to her right and David sat down on the stool on her left. Paula had ordered a bar meal of steak and salad. While she ate, she listened to the conversation of the two men and of others at the bar.
“That steak looks delicious. May I have a bite?”
Paula never liked when someone ate with her, but she couldn’t and didn’t want to refuse his request. She cut off a piece of meat and held the fork for him to bite it off. At that moment she was very aware how intimate this must look to the other people at the bar.
A man on the other side of the bar remarked: “She’s feeding him meat.”
“Yes,” Paula said with a grin, “I am. He wanted my meat, so I am feeding him steak instead.”

Everyone laughed. Paula finished her meal and made a point of engaging in conversation with the people who earlier invited her to sit with them. It wasn’t long after that David decided it was time to leave. He paid the barman and excused himself to go to the bathrooms. When he returned, he stood behind Paula and put his hands on her shoulders, keeping them there and squeezing a bit while he talked.
“Okay good people, have a great evening and see you soon!”
He squeezed her shoulders once more and then he was gone.
Was he really not interested anymore? Paula was confused. David gave mixed signals – one moment he seemed disinterested and the next time they meet him, he was all over her.

“I wonder what the people at the bar thought tonight,” Paula said when they were on their way home.
“It was quite obvious how interested you are in David,” Geoff said.
Suddenly she was filled with guilt. She knew Geoff approved and she knew he didn’t mean it the way it sounded, but she couldn’t shake the guilty feeling. When they arrived home, she expressed her concerns to her husband.
“I feel a bit guilty about tonight.”
“About what?”
“Staying close to David. Your words made me wonder if I was too obvious.”
“Don’t worry about it. Most of those people will have forgotten it by tomorrow.”
“I hope so,” Paula said and right there she decided the next time they were at the bar, she would make a point of keeping distance between her and David.

The next time they went to the bar, Paula expected some remarks of the other people who were there when she so obviously stayed close to David. No remarks came. David wasn’t there and the next time they went to the bar, he wasn’t there either. He sent Geoff a message to tell him that he won’t be coming since he was too busy with work. A week later Geoff and Paula entered the bar a bit later than normal and again David wasn’t there. Paula had given the attraction she felt towards the young man a lot of thought and she knew it might be time to let go. Even though there were moments when she still thought that he was interested, she didn’t think he would ever take the step to really fuck her. She wanted him too, but he wasn’t ready. Obviously the fact that he was so much younger made him less mature for arrangements like these. Maybe in a couple of years, but Paula didn’t know if she would still be interested then.

To be continued… Half My Age (7)

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