Ring Focus

“Mom, Dad, I have something to tell you.”
We both look at our 18-year old teen with expectation.
“I have thought about it long and hard and I have decided that I want my nipples pierced.”

Let me give you some background. Our teen is incredibly open with us, which really is wonderful. She discusses everything with us, whether it’s about her school, about a youngster she likes or problems with her menstruation. No subject is off limits. Back when she had a boyfriend, she even talked about having sex with him and about her first-time experience. Since she is so open, it doesn’t come as a surprise that she informs us about her wanting nipple piercings. However, I had them in the past and this she knew from a previous conversation where I told her that I had taken them out because they didn’t heal. Since she had a surface piercing before and her body rejected it, we advised her never to take nipple piercings. This might have been a year, maybe two, ago. The teen is a young woman who thinks about things, even though she ‘plays dumb’ on purpose.

“You know what we said about nipple piercings,” Master T said, “but it’s your body and if you have thought about it and listened to what we have said, and you still want to do it, go ahead.”
“I really want it,” the teen said, “and I have thought about it ever since you’ve told me about mom’s.”

Excuse me for interrupting the conversation again. The teen learned about my nipple and navel piercings in one of our conversation, but we never told her about the five I still have. However, we always said that if questions are asked, we will honestly answer it. We’ve also told the kids that they shouldn’t ask questions if they don’t want to hear the answer.

“Be aware that your body might reject the nipple piercings,” I said.
“I know. I have already talked to the piercing lady too. Mom, will you go with me when I have my nipples pierced?”
“If you want that, I will go with you.”
“Then you can see my bewbies,” she laughed and made it sound like a major prize. The last time I had seen the teen naked she was still flat-chested. She sort of giggled and then said: “And maybe I will just have my clit pierced too.”

I looked at her, looked at Master T and looked back at the teen.

“You’ve never had your clit pierced, did you mom?”
I didn’t say anything but just looked at her. I did my best to hide my smile but it was almost impossible. The teen saw the look on my face and the glances I exchanged with Master T.
“You did? Oh my gosh, you did? When?”
I still didn’t say a word but now I couldn’t hide the smile anymore.
“Noooo, mom, noooo, you still have it? Right? Oh gosh, you do!!!”
I seeked approval from Master T and found it.
“Yes, I do.”
“How long did you have it?”
“Since August 2004, the day after Dad and I moved in together.”
“Noooo, serious? And all these years I thought I’m the only one with piercings.”

It was quiet for a while.

“Damn,” the teen said with a huge smile, “I just cannot get the image of your clit from my mind. Mom, you’re cool!”

If only she knew… maybe one day the question will come if I have more piercings…

Even though she says she has an image in her mind, I don’t think it’s anything like this one!

Focus on the piercing in my clitoral hood
A nice point of focus…

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16 thoughts on “Ring Focus

  1. whew…
    i’m sooooo glad neither of my daughters have never asked me about piercings. youngest daughter did get a tattoo after she graduated HS, all the kids know i have a “tramp stamp” on my back., my kids never asked about piercings….
    but my niece did. :-0 she’s the true “rebel” of all of us, she has multiple tats and piercings. she asked me (in confidence) if i had anything pierced.
    uhhhh… yes i do
    i showed her my nipples, and belly button, i did tell her had my clit hood pierced at one time, but for me it was slightly uncomfortable, but it seemed whenever i thought about it, i’d get horny, and have to excuse myself (at work) to go take care of myself in the bathroom..
    as i got older i stopped caring about the piercings that much, and eventually took them all out…
    my husband definitely liked them, ive been thinking recently about having my clit redone…..

  2. I love hearing stories of how people can have such open and honest conversations with their parents, it seems like a while different world to me!

  3. I love the relationship you share with your teen! I can’t imagine having any kind of conversation like this with my mother at that age. I also love this photo! your piercing looks like an engagement ring on a bed of white silk 🙂

  4. Wonderful post . . . and totally agree about being open on anything whenever it may be asked.
    And your photo shows yours from such a lovely perspective!!!

    Xxx – K

  5. Such a great story, you have an openness I hope I will also have with my children. Gorgeous photo as well. Makes me miss my vch piercing!
    Aurora x

  6. This is a beautiful story. I wish there were more parents like you & Master T then there might not be so many troubled kids out there. My daughter told me she was getting her nipples pierced, but i wasn’t allowed to see or go with her.
    Lovely photo to go with your story. 🙂

  7. I am smiling so much at this one. Some different topics than at my house but almost the same exact approach from my girls.

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. I raised all my kids to be very open, and we too talked about EVERYTHING under the sun, including sex and the like. Always thought it was better to hear things from us directly instead of some stranger from their school playground. Loved reading your story – thanks so much for sharing – can’t wait for the next chapter to read about the teen’s outcome.

    As for your piercing, is it only through the hood, or right through the ‘bud’ itself? Afterward, did your level of sensitivity (and ability to orgasm) change at all?
    #AskingForAFriend 🙂

  9. I love this story.

    Also: you did a good job bringing up Miss 18. Well done! 🙂

    Also also: I now have that image in my mind. 😉

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