Exercising Fingers

Fingering, a glorious sexual act…

When Molly asked me if she could use the above image for the ‘fingering’ prompt of Kink of the Week, I knew I wanted to write a post for this. I had no idea what I was going to write, but have to say that Molly’s prompt post helped me with some ideas.

Vaginal Fingering

There is something absolutely magical about being aroused and then feeling a finger slip into my wet, waiting cunt. The first time a finger enters is always the best. Every nerve ending awaits the touch and my folds open to allow the intrusion while those nerve endings communicate to my brain the satisfaction of the touch.

The touch is not always good though. If I am not wet or aroused enough, fingering can be irritating and even annoying. Fingering doesn’t make me get wetter. In fact, constant fingering can make me go dry, which increases physical irritation and mental annoyance. Those are the times that I say that I cannot handle much more. If I am in a position where I cannot move away from the fingering and it continues for too long, I can come down with a vaginal infection in the days after.
Tip: if a woman says it’s enough, it’s enough. If you feel a woman getting dry when you finger her, stop and do other things to get her wetter before you continue to finger her.

One thing that really works for me is when vaginal fingering is alternated with clitoral stimulation. It tends to bring on one orgasm after the other, keeping me wet and getting me to a tipping point where I want nothing more than to feel as many fingers as possible inside me.

Anal Fingering

It is no secret that I love anal play and this includes anal fingering too. Just inserting a finger without lube is not pleasurable at all, but add a bit of lube and slowly open me with your finger and believe me, you will hear me moan with lust. I might soon ask for a second finger, wanting to feel the stretch, but also wanting to feel you move in and out of me.

Never, and I really mean never, move a finger from an anal to a vaginal fingering. You will cause a vaginal infection.

Fingering Others

I have had the pleasure in the past to finger another woman. One thing I am always afraid of is that my nails might hurt the other woman, but thankfully up to now it has not happened.

Feeling the slick wetness and the warmth when her folds envelops me, get my own juices flowing and ready to be touched, but I prefer to either touch or be touched, not both at the same time. I want to concentrate on what I am doing, want to listen to her sighs or moans or both and want to learn what she likes, sense what I should do more of and what could push her over the edge towards an orgasm. Letting my fingers to their work, I like to let my mouth and tongue join in too, sucking and licking her clitoris and hopefully enhancing the orgasm I hope she has.

Being a woman myself, I do have a slight advantage when it comes to know what a woman likes, but this doesn’t make me the perfect ‘fingerer’. All women are different and where I know my sweet spots, the other woman’s sweet spot might just be in a different place.

A Sexual Act

It’s a good thing Molly put this in the prompt:

Fingering is often referred to as a part of foreplay, a thing you do to lead up to the act of penis in vagina sex but I think that is selling it way short because it is also a fabulous sex act all in own right. Do you agree or do you purely see it as a stepping stone to other sexy things?

Sometimes I want to be fingered purely as part of foreplay, but to me fingering definitely is a sex act in its own right. It has happened before that Master T would touch me – mostly starting out playfully – and I will move or moan in such a way that he knows I want more. This mostly turns into a session where he frigs my clitoris, fingers my cunt and sometimes my ass too. Orgasm after orgasm takes hold of my body but it’s only after the BIG one that I am satisfied. Fingering is a sex act that is just as satisfying as being fucked is.

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2 thoughts on “Exercising Fingers

  1. I need that clitoral stimulation too, just too keep me going, it’s guaranteed to make me so much wetter. And I’m with you on fingering others, I’m always worried I’m going to hurt her with my nails.

  2. Lube is the best companion to fingering in my opinion. That added bit of wetness just makes everything feel so much better


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