Master Douglas (1) – An introduction

In August 2014, I received a message through the contact form on my blog, from a man who commented on one of my posts where I mentioned how difficult it can be to have a D/s relationship when you have kids. Back then I never thought that our contact would become quite intense, that this dominant man would share so many of his experiences and thoughts with me. He gave me permission to tell his story on my blog.

Before I really start their story, I will introduce the main characters.

Douglas is a dominant man, who first learned about BDSM in his late teens. He works in the transport branch where no one knows about his preferences or what kind of relationship he has with his wife. He is three years younger than his wife and together they have a daughter, who works in the same branch as her father.

Jenna is the wife of Douglas and when she met him, had no experience at all with BDSM. He introduced her to it, and she grew into submitting to him whenever he demanded it, which still is a lot, even though they are both halfway through their fifties. Their sex life is very much alive and I personally think that a lot of couples would give an arm and a leg to have what Douglas and Jenna have.

Stacy is their daughter. For as long as Douglas could remember, Stacey was interested in sex. She never called him ‘dad’ but always called him by his name. He was her father and guided her as such, but he was also her best friend. She told him everything and hid nothing from him, not even her sexual appetite. Stacy craves sex and gets restless when she doesn’t have an orgasm for some hours. She masturbates frequently during the day and when she was younger, she did it in front of her parents too. There are times when Douglas worries that he should have been stricter with her, but he also remembers that he had tried, but it never worked.

Douglas met Alice by chance. She was more or less looking for a Master and he decided to take her on as his slave. Where he has no strict rules for Jenna, he has a set of rules for Alice. However, Alice sometimes disappears when she has a boyfriend, or for other reasons and then after weeks she comes back and begs him to punish her.

Last but not least there’s Nina. Nina is a cousin of Stacy and Douglas started spanking her at her request. Some months ago Nina and Stacy moved in together and are in a lesbian relationship. There’s a ten-year age difference between the two women.

The story will slowly unfold before you as you carry on reading. You might read about things that make you feel uncomfortable. Some things sure made me feel like that, but I discussed it with Douglas and then understood better, at least well enough not to judge. Maybe one day I will meet this man, but I would never want to be on his receiving end, as he seems to be quite the sadist. And then again, maybe receiving ‘some’ from him will feed my masochistic soul.

However, this is not about me. This is about Douglas and Jenna, about Stacy and Nina and also about Alice.

Let the story begin…

To be continued… Master Douglas – Wife Jenna

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  1. They sound like an intriguing cast of characters…just based on this, I have a feeling that I’ll have moments where I don’t understand either – but that’s what makes it interesting. 🙂

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