The Naked School

Scrolling through my search terms of May 2017, I looked for the unusual ones. There was lot of searching for pinching nipples and submissive positions, as well as no panties and anything to do with anal. The following search terms caught my attention:

sirs cane stings

Yes, the cane stings and I really long to feel it again, even though I am slow to admit this, as I am afraid of the pain of the cane. I am afraid of it, especially when it’s the first implement that’s being used, but I am also afraid of it when it’s the last. However, when my bottom has already been warmed up by either a hand, or a flogger or a paddle, I seem to be able to take the cane just a bit better than on my ‘cold’ bottom. I really don’t like a stinging pain on my bottom, but prefer a thud.

submissive punishments stories

With everything going on in our lives, there is no room for ‘play’, which makes me crave any- and everything, even punishment. Please don’t think that all D/s is gone. There is just little energy for it at this moment. I saw this search term and pictured myself kneeling in the corner, surrounded by silence and with no knowledge as to what would follow. The image in my mind was enough to understand that in a way I need this, to feel my submission ground me. The time will come…

blackmail in school braless and pantyless sex stories

My mind went all over the place when I saw this search term. I pictured girls in their plaited skirts and white blouses, white socks and black school shoes. Their blouses – a size too small – are tucked neatly into the skirts, but unbuttoned down to between their breast. The white fabric of the blouses doesn’t hide the coloring of and around their nipples. Their skirts are short and when they bent over, their nakedness underneath is revealed. I have no idea why these girls are blackmailed to dress like this, because my mind just got stuck with the hot images!


I had to use google translate to know what a ‘bodempranger’ is. It’s a floor pillory, in which a sub can be totally immobilized. I picture myself in a ‘bodempranger’ with a sex machine behind me, preferably with a double dildo. Or is that too greedy?

floor pillory

全裸登校訓練 (naked school training)

This is my favorite of the search terms for last month, partly because it’s in Chinese (according to Google translate) and partly because the term ‘naked school’ really speaks to me.

I let my fantasy run wild… I see all the students in the class, sitting at their standard desks on a hard wooden chair. All of them have their legs spread and their genitals are fully visible to the teacher, and of course to the other students if they care to look. Pussies are wet, and cocks are in a half or fully erect state, but never entirely relaxed. Teachers, whether male or female are naked too, you know, for some kind of equality.

Touching is not allowed, neither yourself, nor another, unless the class required it. Lessons in biology or sex ed classes are places where students can touch each other, or the teacher can touch students, whether it is to demonstrate something or to correct two students (or more) who are used for a demonstration. Yes, penetration happens. Pinching happens. Touching and licking and kissing – all of that happens.

In these classes there are no bullies, no shyness. All students are equal and treat each other with respect. Oh, the stories one can come up with about things happening in a school where everyone is naked.

Just search the Internet for ‘naked school’ and you will come across a lot of porn stories.

Maybe one day I will write about the students going to the naked school I have in mind…

Image: naked school (source unknown)
Image: floor pillory

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