Blind Mindfuck

Yvette turned her head from side to side. She strained her eyes to find a speck of light. It was dark. She sensed rather than heard the movement around her. One? Two? How many people were in the room with her? Will loved playing with her mind. They had talked about this before: her being fucked by several men without seeing them and without knowing who they were. Not during the fucking, nor after. Knowing will the way she did, she suspected that he was alone, but would try to make it sound as if he was with many. She smiled and as she did, something pressed against her lips.

Yvette automatically opened her mouth, fully expecting Will to push his cock into her mouth. She moaned and struggled in surprise when a bit gag slipped between her teeth. Her head was roughly lifted as the gag was tightly tied in place. Yvette struggled against the rope around her wrists, which were under her. Fingers touched her spread thighs and ever so softly brushed against her pussy before disappearing into the air around her. Those fingers reappeared around her breasts, turning around and around until they pinched her hardened nipple. Soft. Yet firm.

Another moan escaped Yvette. Her wetness was about to escape from hiding between her labia. Soft breath kissed her clitoris. A warm tongue – Will’s tongue – licked. Lips sucked. A finger entered. Yvette’s orgasm was only the first of many. Her cunt felt empty when her left nipple disappeared between lips and teeth playfully bit in it. She jerked away when her right nipple was pinched. Fuck, that hurt.

The touching stopped. Silence enveloped Yvette. Did Will leave the room? She strained her ears for something to hear. Was there movement to the right? A rustling on the left? No, down at the foot end of the bed. Was Will trying to confuse her.
Will, come on, please fuck me.
In her head those words sounded perfect, but her ears told her something different: “Uhh ahoh eeaa uhee.” Damn this gag!

Her body longed to be touch, but only several minutes later Will appeared next to her again. The ties that held her thighs spread were readjusted to pull her knees up. First on the one side, then the other. A sigh escaped from Yvette at the thought of being indecently exposed. Even though Will had seen every intimate part of her, this still excited her. She smiled inwardly when she felt his weight on the bed. Finally. His cock pressed against her entrance. As he pushed into her, his fingers found her clitoris. Will’s rhythm was off, but Yvette barely noticed as her next orgasm already rushed through her body only minutes after Will had entered her.

He pulled out.

Yvette moaned.

What kind of torture did he have in mind?

The silence hurt her ears, but the hard pinching of both her nipples put an end to that as her moan plowed through the air. The harder the pinching, the more her cunt throbbed its longing to be filled. She rode the waves of pain and fought her ties, desperately wanting to rub her thighs together. As abruptly as the pinching stopped, Will’s cock was back in her cunt. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me, she chanted in her head, in tune with the brutal thrusting. Fingers frigged her clitoris. Yvette surrendered to her next orgasm. Another followed soon. The frigging continued. The thrusting overwhelmed all sensations. Fingers gripped her nipples.

Hurt her.

Another orgasm.


Sensory overload.

Multiple orgasms all fused into one. Yvette’s head rolled from side to side. Her rambling words were louder once the gag was removed, but incoherent when she greedily accepted the cock pushed into her mouth. She sucked and licked and moaned and climaxed. She arched her back and swallowed as Will’s sperm filled her mouth.

Spent and sore and content, Yvette turned on her side when her ties were undone. A blanket covered her body as her eyes were uncovered. Yvette blinked and tried to focus, wanting to see Will, to see the approval on his face. She found it, as well as his smile. He bent down to kiss her. Startled, Yvette broke of the kiss and turned around.
“What the…?” she started and then saw the strap-on her best friend wore with pride. Realization hit her. All those hands…
Her friend bent forward and continued the kiss Will had started.

New energy filled Yvette’s loins as she turned around and threw her leg over her friend’s. Behind her, Will smiled as his cock twitched and stirred and he lay down behind her.

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  1. oh damn, this is one hot mind fuck. I love it.
    I can almost hear the wheels spin in her head as she is the center of attention.

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