Half My Age (5)

#fucketlist item 7: Fucking a man half my age
Sometimes I see young men around me and I see how they look at me, especially when I wear low-cut or short dresses. I always wonder how far they would go if they are given the opportunity to come onto me. Would a man half my age want to fuck me?

The above is an item on my fucketlist.
This story is about me, Master T and a young man, three years short of 30. I have written it in the third person for two reasons: the main one to protect the young man, but also because when I started writing, I actually planned to post this as fiction. However, this really happened, but I didn’t want to change it to the first person narrative, so am posting this as is.

Continued from… Half My Age (4)

When the older man left, David returned to the bar. He ordered another beer and as he leaned over to put his glass on the bar, his arm touched Paula’s. He stayed close to her and their arms kept on touching. That was the theme for the evening. When they could, they touched. The sexual tension between them was obvious. Several times Geoff smiled encouragingly at his wife. At one moment, during the course of the conversation and in a joke, Paula put her hand on David’s bottom and squeezed.

Two hours later they were the only three left at the bar, just like had happened before. How they got to the topic, Paula could not remember. She leaned closer to David and said: “There was something sexy I wanted to tell you some weeks ago, but the opportunity passed.”
David raised an eyebrow.
“Tell me.”
“We had a lunch date with a new man in a restaurant. That day I wore the same dress I am wearing now, but with one exception: I had nothing on underneath…”
She allowed the words to sink in and from David’s reaction she knew she had hit home. He squirmed in his seat and mumbled something like ‘hot damn’ before she continued.
“Some things happened during lunch… because of the things I did not wear.”
She didn’t offer any details, but waited for him to ask questions. He didn’t. Let him think about it.

David stood up to leave.
“Will you be here tomorrow?”
“Yes,” Geoff said.
“Then I bid you a good night, m’lady,” David said and leaned in to kiss her cheek. The kiss lingered longer than just a normal kiss. He turned around and shook Geoff’s hand, “see you tomorrow, my friend.”
With that, the young man was gone. Paula leaned closer to Geoff, kissed him and then whispered: “I’m wet.”
“I know…” he smiled and hugged her.

The next day was the last time that year that they saw David. The holiday season was upon them and David would leave on a ski trip two days after Christmas and would only be back I the first week of the new year. The mood at the bar was cheery because of the festive season. Paula sat on a stool and laughter was all around her. Geoff stood on one side of her; David on the other. At times the conversation was between the three of them, and sometimes it was with others at the bar. Somehow the conversation moved to brands of clothing.

“Oh, you must feel this,” David said and turned around, holding the left back pocket of his trousers open. Paula slipped her hand into it, not knowing what she should feel.
“Feel it?” David asked but didn’t wait for her answer, “it’s a leather strip which prevents money falling out of your pocket.”
“Clever,” Paula said and smiled.
David was in a silly mood. He shook his hips and impulsively Paula reached out again, put her hand on his bottom and squeezed. David smiled as he turned back and continued talking as if nothing happened. Geoff winked at his wife, who blushed.

Soon it was time for them to leave. David shook Geoff’s hand and wished him a happy holiday time. Then he turned to Paula, pulled her closer and kissed her on her cheeks. He held her just a bit longer than necessary.
“Happy holidays to you too and see you in the New Year,” Paula said, “and don’t forget to send me some photos of the snow up in the mountains.”
David promised to send photos and with that their ways parted.

Paula received no photos from David. On New Year’s Eve she sent him a message with best wishes for the new year and reminded him of the photos, but she still received nothing. She thought about David a lot and four days into the New Year she decided that it she should stop fantasizing about him. Obviously by not sending her any photos his message was: I am not interested. Even though his touching and kisses said something else, she believed it was time to forget that there ever was any sexy talk between them, or a chance that he might fuck her. She needed to distance herself from him.

To be continued… Half My Age (6)

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  1. This installment started with so much promise but I totally get that need to distance yourself. It can hurt too much otherwise. Of course, I can’t WAIT to find out what happens in the next installment. 😀

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