Half My Age (4)

#fucketlist item 7: Fucking a man half my age
Sometimes I see young men around me and I see how they look at me, especially when I wear low-cut or short dresses. I always wonder how far they would go if they are given the opportunity to come onto me. Would a man half my age want to fuck me?

The above is an item on my fucketlist.
This story is about me, Master T and a young man, three years short of 30. I have written it in the third person for two reasons: the main one to protect the young man, but also because when I started writing, I actually planned to post this as fiction. However, this really happened, but I didn’t want to change it to the first person narrative, so am posting this as is.

Continued from… Half My Age (3)

Paula thought about the date they had the weekend before, the same day David had a date with his sexy lady. A thought formed in her mind. Maybe, just maybe if she told him that they had a sexy date, he might see it as an opening to come back on their conversation about him fucking her? She was ready to lean over and whisper in his ear, when one of the other guests asked David to join him outside for a smoke. The young man accepted the invitation. By the time he returned, someone else sat on his stool and David told him to stay seated. David ended up on the other side of the bar and left to go home before Paula got another opportunity to talk to him.

The next week he sat down next to Paula again. There was no time for sexy talk and also no way for Paula to start on the subject without it being awkward. She decided to let it go. Geoff, David and Paula were the last to leave the bar and as they walked outside. David quickly turned in the opposite direction and bid the couple a good night.
“I don’t think he’s going to ever come back on the subject,” Paula said when they got into the car.
“So be it,” Geoff said, “he still likes you.”
“You know, at least I know young men still find me sexy,” Paula laughed.
“I think it’s not only the camera that’s a problem for him, but also the fact that I will be in the room all the time,” Geoff said.
“You might be right about that.”
“I think I am.”
“Oh well, even if nothing ever happens, I do like spending time with him. He’s a nice guy.”

That night Paula dreamed of David. She sat between him and Geoff at the bar and they were having a good time. Paula had to go to the bathroom and when she came back, David was just about to leave. She passed him on his way to the door. His back was to the bar, blocking her view, but also blocking the view of the people at the bar who might be looking. That was not what Paula thought of at that moment, though.
“Are you leaving already?” Paula asked and at the same time noticed that David stood very close to her.
“Yes, I have some work I have to do for tomorrow. I will see you next week,” he said and smiled down at her. There was something in his eyes. Desire?
Paula got up on her tiptoes and kissed him on his lips. They were soft and warm. She lay her hand against his chest, smiled up at him and said: “See you next week, handsome.”

Paula woke in the middle of the night and it took her a couple of seconds to realize what she had dreamed. She got out of bed to go to the bathroom. One line of Adele’s new songs was stuck in her head: And if I’m not the one for you… The next line of the song was You’ve gotta stop holding me the way you do but since David had never hold her before, only the one line And if I’m not the one for you… kept on repeating in Paula’s mind. She slept dreamless after that, but the first thing she heard in her head when she woke was And if I’m not the one for you…
… and involuntarily a thought popped into her head: why do you keep on showing your interest like you do?
The dream stayed with her for days.

In the week before Christmas, Geoff and Paula needed to do some Christmas shopping. Christmas was on Sunday and they were hosting the Christmas dinner for the family. They popped into the bar for a quick drink before going to the shops. Paula was pleasantly surprised to see David at the bar and from the expression on his face, he was just as surprised to see them. Or her. She noticed that his eyes were fixed on her face.
“Hello darling,” he said and ran his hand down her back, “good to see you. All well?”
“Yep, all well,” Paula said, enjoying the warmth of his hand on her back, “we’re just popping in for a quick drink.”
“Oh, you are going again soon?”
Was that disappointment in his voice? Paula wondered.
“Yep, for some Christmas shopping for our grandsons, but we will be back afterwards.”

An hour and a half later and with their arms full of bags, Geoff and Paula returned to the bar. David was not there.
See, he’s avoiding me, Paula thought and out loud she said to Geoff: “He has left.”
She shrugged her shoulders. They sat down at the bar and ordered drinks and a bar meal. That’s when Paula heard a familiar laugh. She looked around and then she spotted David at one of the tables with an older man. He saw her looking at him and winked – a gesture that warmed her heart. Paula saw Geoff glancing at her. He smiled, knowing what went through her. She leaned closer and kissed him, while she tried to give David no further attention. Their food arrived and she kept her attention with that.

To be continued… Half My Age (5)

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  1. All the not knowing and wondering would both drive me nuts and turn me on. But I see his desire, too, even if his actions aren’t straighforward.

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