Half My Age (2)

#fucketlist item 7: Fucking a man half my age
Sometimes I see young men around me and I see how they look at me, especially when I wear low-cut or short dresses. I always wonder how far they would go if they are given the opportunity to come onto me. Would a man half my age want to fuck me?

The above is an item on my fucketlist.
This story is about me, Master T and a young man, three years short of 30. I have written it in the third person for two reasons: the main one to protect the young man, but also because when I started writing, I actually planned to post this as fiction. However, this really happened, but I didn’t want to change it to the first person narrative, so am posting this as is.

Continued from… Half My Age (1)

A week later they saw him again. Paula was, once again, seated on the opposite side of the bar and saw David joining her husband. When the young man glanced in her direction she put a thumb up, inquiring whether his date was successful.
“So good,” he mouthed, and she joined them later, he took her apart from the rest.
“It was so good, “he repeated, “I never want to be with someone my age again. An older woman has so much more confidence.”
He smiled and took a sip of his beer before he continued.
“She’s nine years older than me. When we got home last night, she went for a shower and came into the bedroom, wearing a sexy red lace teddy and high heels. We devoured each other. She was wild and horny and I fucked her hard. After we had sex for the first time, we went downstairs. She was naked and sat on the couch. I got us some drinks and when I sat down next to her again, she told me that she was still horny and asked me to push my finger in her cunt. I love it when women are so confident!”
He took another sip from his glass.
“You know, I’ve had women of my age before, but they are always worried about what they look like. This woman has one kid and her tummy is not all that flat anymore, but when I held my hand on her belly, she told me how nice it was. She wasn’t worried whether I liked it, but just relaxed and enjoyed. Damn, it was so good!”

“Sounds like you had a wonderful and sexy time,” Paula smiled. She was surprised that he really told her every detail like he had said he would.
“I have no idea why I’m telling you this,” David said as if he had read her mind, “I just feel a bond with you. I feel like I can trust you.”
“Whatever you tell me, stays between you and me,” Paula promised.
“And between the pages of your book!”
Paula laughed. David’s expression turned serious.
“Do you and your husband swing?”
Paula was surprised by his question and instantly her hand went to the collar around her neck.
“No,” she answered, “we don’t, but we do have meetings with other people. We are in a different kind of relationship. This,” she pointed at the collar, “has a special meaning.”
“Meetings? Other people? For sex?”
“Other men fuck you?”
Paula nodded and leaned closer to him.
“And women too,” she whispered in his ear.

One of the other guest interrupted their conversation. That night they didn’t get to talk again. On their way home, Paula told Geoff about her conversation with David.
“You’re interested in him, right?” Geoff asked and pulled his wife closer, his arm around her shoulder as they walked home.
“I am. I can hardly understand why we had such a wrong impression of him. He’s sincerely interested in everyone and his sleek manners seem like a front he keeps up. Or it’s part of him too, because as a salesman it comes in handy.”
“I mean that you’re sexually interested in him,” Geoff said.
“Oh hun, I’m an old woman compared to him. He’s in no way interested in me, but I think he might be interested in hearing more about our lifestyle.”

A week later Geoff, David and Paula ended up on the corner of the bar. Paula drank only soft drinks as she had the car outside and she never drove when she had consumed alcohol. David mentioned that he had to walk home.
“Oh no, we will drive you home,” Paula said.
By the time everyone had left, they were still talking. The bartender worked on the other side of the bar, clearing away glasses to close up for the night. By then their conversation had moved to what David had told Paula the week before. David didn’t mind that Paula had informed Geoff of their conversation, and actually repeated some of the things he had told Paula.
“But,” David said, “Paula told me that you have dates with other people?”
Geoff nodded.

“I want to show you something,” Paula said and reached for her phone. She called up the image she had in mind and then showed it to Geoff, keeping the screen hidden from David.
“May I?” she asked.
“Go on,” Geoff approved.
Paula turned the screen towards David and showed him an intimate image of her with another woman. At first David didn’t realize that he was looking at a scarcely clad Paula, but once he did, he enlarged the image to have a better look.

To be continued… Half My Age (3)

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  1. I love that he was so willing to tell you all those details and that he gushed about an older woman’s confidence. It gives me hope for younger men of the world, lol.

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