Triple Satisfaction: The Satisfyers

I was approached by Satisfyer with the question if I would be willing to test one of their products. Since I am a huge fan of the Womanizer Pro, I wanted to see how the Satisfyer compared to that. I was hugely surprised when I received not one, but three Satisfyers to test – the Satisfyer 2, the Satisfyer Pro 2 and the Satisfyer Pro Penguin. This increased the possibility of a comparison, not only with my beloved Womanizer, but also to see how the three Satisfyers compared to each other.

Packaging & Contents, Shape ‘n Size & Material

All three toys came packed in beautiful boxes with an image of the product printed on the box and the features of the product printed in several languages on the side of the box. On opening the box there’s a plastic ‘sleeve’ where the toy fitted in, as well as in the case of two of the toys, the USB charging cable.

These are the features of the three toys:

Features Satisfyer 2 Satisfyer Pro 2 Satifyer Pro Penguin
Whisper Mode x x x
Pressure wave + touch free clitoral stimulation x x x
Body friendly silicone x x x
Easy to clean x x x
Recharchable Li-ion battery x x
Magnetic USB charging cable included x x
2x AAA batteries x
Waterproof x x x
11 programs x x x
Diameter of ‘mouth’ 2,7 cm 2,3 cm 1,8 cm
Width of ‘mouth ring’ 0,6 cm 0,8 cm 0,2 cm
Diameter of actual opening 1,5 cm 0,7 cm 1,4 cm

How does it work?

Each of the toys has a ‘mouth’ that you can put over your clitoris, and when switched on, the toy huffs and puffs in such a way (vacuum technology) that it feels as if you are being sucked. It’s a wonderful feeling!

Satisfyer 2
Satisfyer 2

The Satisfyer 2 has a white ‘handle’ and a bronze-goldish ‘mouth’. The buttons on the back are the same color as the ‘mouth’. One of the buttons is the on-off button and has to be pressed in to switch on and pressed in longer to switch off. The other button has a ‘+’ and a ‘-‘ on it to switch through the 11 programs on the toy. This toy takes 2x AAA batteries.

Satisfyer Pro 2
Satisfyer Pro 2

The Satisfyer Pro 2 has a rechargeable battery, which can be charged with the included USB cable. The colors of this toy is just the opposite from the Satisfyer 2. The on-off button works the same as that of the Satisfyer 2 but the other button doesn’t have a setting where you can go up and down between the programs. You can only go up through the 11 settings before you can come down through the same 11 again.

Satisfyer Pro Penguin
Satisfyer Pro Penguin

The Satisfyer Pro Penguin has beautiful dark and light pink colors and a white mouth and button. Just like the other two toys, it has 11 programs to work through, but you can also not go back to a lower setting, just like with the Satisfyer Pro 2. Where the previous two toys had a separate on-off button, the Pro Penguin’s on-off button is set close to the settings button. This toy is the only one that has the buttons facing the body when the toy is in use. The Pro Penguin also has a rechargeable battery that can be charged with the USB cable.

Fun thing about these toys: they can all be used under the shower as they are all waterproof! If you want to increase or enhance your pleasure, you can use a water-based lubricant with the toys. The Satisfyers are all easy to clean and care for.

My experience with & opinion of the product

The very first thing I noticed with all these toys, is that they seemed louder than the Womanizer Pro W500, which is one of my favorite toys. Since I thought I might just be biased, I downloaded two different decibel apps on my phone and made a comparison of the sound of each of the toys:

Satisfyer 2
Pro 2
Satifyer Pro
Not in use 55 db 70 db 60 db 65 db
In use 45 db 60 db 53 db 48 db

My ears didn’t lie to me: the Satisfyer toys are louder than the Womanizer. Not that much, but significantly enough to be noticeable.

I set out to use the three toys – both in the bedroom and under the shower, as I wanted to make sure they really are waterproof. They are! With the sound of the water in the shower, the toys seemed less loud than they did in the bedroom. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the feeling these toys give me. I love the sucking feeling of these toys.


The ‘mouths’ of the Satisfyer 2 and the Satisfyer Pro 2 are just too wide and thick. I like to trap the toy between my thighs and then sort of buck against it. This way I can do other things with my hands. Pushing my thighs together with the Satisfyer 2 and the Satisfyer Pro 2 hurt my labia as they seemed to be stretched a bit too wide. I thought the Satisfyer Pro Penguin would be better, but its mouth is ‘hard’ compared to the other two toys, which made it hurt me too. This was quite a disappointment, as all the toys felt as brilliant as my favorite Womanizer.

I think these toys might just get used when I am forced to keep my legs apart and Master T takes one of them to hand to ‘torture’ me to an orgasm.

Where to buy?

If you search for Satisfyer in your favorite online toy store, I am sure you will find it there. If not, you can order it from Amazon.

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