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Ruby Glow

We didn’t make it to Eroticon this year, due to circumstances known to many. I knew Ruby Glow was going to be there and since I have heard a lot about this toy, I was planning to buy myself one in London. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, but when I happened to have a conversation with the creator of this toy, Tabitha Rayne, she arranged for Rocks-Off to send me one. I am forever grateful that I finally got my hands on a Ruby Glow!

Packaging & Contents

The Ruby Glow comes in a beautiful black box with a window top through which you can see the toy. The bottom of the box, below the ‘window’, has a golden ‘band’ around it with the name of the toy. A description of the toy can be found on the one side of the box. Inside is an instructions leaflet.

Shape ‘n Size & Material

The only way to describe the shape of this toy is to use the term I have seen so many times online: saddle style and non-penetrative. The Ruby Glow is designed for you to sit on and to simultaneously touch your clitoris, pubic bone, vagina and even your perineum. You can even use it when fully clothed. It’s made of soft, body-safe silicon which actually feels like velvet when you touch it!

How does it work?

The Ruby Glow requires two AAA batteries, which are included with the toy. Just remove the protective strips to make sure the batteries make contact. The toy has two different vibration centers which are controlled with the buttons on the front of the toy. Each motor has 10 speeds or pulsations, which makes it really interesting when used on different settings. When you sit on it, you can rock forward and backwards to increase the feeling where you like it most. I was a bit confused by the buttons, as the top one is for the back motor and the bottom one for the front one. At first it felt logical that this should be the other way around, but once I knew which button was for which motor, it was okay.

My experience with & opinion of the product

On a lazy Sunday morning I decided that it was time to try the Ruby Glow. I positioned it under me as I sat down on the stool at my dressing table. It took me a moment or two to get the most comfortable position. Once I had it, I switched on the first motor and was pleasantly surprised by the vibrations running through my loins. I switched on the second motor and a smile formed on my face. This was good. I went about to untangle my hair and blow dry it, all the while enjoying the sensations and the desire building up in my body. I reached down to change the vibration pattern and to find the setting in which I liked it the best. That turned out to be a continuous vibration for both motors. I just don’t like pulsating vibrations in any toys. I find them quite annoying.

I used the Ruby Glow for quite some time and really enjoyed the sensations, but after a while I realized that it would never bring me to an orgasm. This has absolutely nothing to do with the toy, but simply with the fact that I need intense clitoral stimulation to climax. I tried to force it with the Ruby Glow by leaning forward so the toy touched on my clitoris more intense than it did when I sat upright, but then it pressed too hard into my pubic bone which made it hurt me. I eventually settled for the fact that this toy will be able to bring me and keep me on the brink of an orgasm, but eventually I will have to use another toy to ‘finish’.

I think the Ruby Glow is a brilliant toy and can already see myself using it while I am writing. Damn, just think how hot those vibrations ‘down there’ must feel when you’re writing a particularly hot scene? Ha, it might even make the scene hotter because of the sensations you are feeling! Also, this toy makes it possible for people with a handicap to use, which is one of the goals Tabitha wanted to reach with it, if I remember correctly from what I have read. It’s no wonder the Ruby Glow won the prize for the Most Innovative New Product at the ETO awards in 2016.

Where to buy?

The Ruby Glow can be bought from:

  • Rocks-Off for 40 pounds
  • Lovehoney for 55 dollars

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