Finally A Prostitute (4)

Continued from… Finally A Prostitute (3)

The next half an hour was a blur. Gabrielle lay naked across Steve’s lap. The bed supported her upper body. Her toes just barely touched the floor. Her legs were slightly apart; her buttocks entirely exposed to him. His left hand rested firm between Gabrielle’s shoulder blades. His right hand stroked her buttocks softly and then surprised her by slapping both in quick succession. She clenched her buttocks, trying to escape the pain. Her muscles relaxed when he returned to soft touching. More slaps rained on her behind and again she tightened her muscles. More stroking. Gabrielle expected the slapping to start again. It did, but this time he didn’t stop. He kept on slapping her, changing from one buttock to the other and back again. At first Gabrielle tightened her muscles, but soon a delicious lightness filled her head. Her muscles relaxed. Her buttocks hurt, but she enjoyed the onslaught on her body. When he stopped and helped her up, her bottom was red and warm. A smile covered her face.

“Bend over the bed, spread your legs and keep the position. There will be five more strikes with the cane for every time you straighten up,” Steve said.
Gabrielle glanced over to her husband who watched them. Then she looked at Steve. Both had stern expressions on their faces, but there wasn’t any malice in those expressions. Gabrielle trusted her husband and since he trusted Steve, she trusted Steve too. She bent forward and spread her legs as wide as the high-heeled shoes allowed her. She was ready. Or, so she thought.

The flogger surprised her. It hurt more after the spanking and the earlier bruising of her ass. She moaned and gripped the bedding. By the fifth lash, she could not help herself anymore. She turned away from the flogger, still clutching the fabric. That didn’t count for straightening up, right? Gabrielle thought. The next lash of the flogger touched part of her left buttock, but several of the leather ends landed directly on her exposed pussy. She screamed it out, let go of the bedding and sat down on the bed.
“Please. Please,” she said, “that hurt.”
“Take your position,” Steve said.
Gabrielle had one word to end this all, but she didn’t want to use it. She stood up and assumed the same position of only moments earlier. This time she stayed in the position until the flogging stopped. Excitement, mixed with fear, surged through her body when she realized the cane would be used next.

“I want you to count back from 30,” Steve said, “and for every time you get up, I will add five strikes.”
“Aaaahhhhh… thirty,” Gabrielle grunted when the first stroke of the cane landed across both her buttocks. She gripped the bedding again and tried to pull herself closer to the bed, determined not to get up. Four strikes later Gabrielle’s instinct took over and she tried to protect her bottom. Steve gently, but firmly touched her shoulder and pushed her forward again.
“Twenty-four… twenty-three…”
Gabrielle moaned. She writhed and turned her behind, but held her in position. She breathed out when Steve stopped for a while. His hand was cool against her aching buttocks. She blushed when his fingers pushed into her pooling wetness and sighed with frustration when his fingers disappeared again.

“Nineteen… fifteen… eleven…”
You can do this, you can do this, you can do this, she repeated inside her head.
Steve stopped again. He pushed his lower body against her backside. His clothes were cool yet coarse against her tender ass. She moaned and pushed back against him.
“Such an eager little hooker,” he said and Gabrielle heard her husband chuckle. Steve stepped back and pushed two fingers into her cunt. Those wet fingers moved to and over her clitoris. Gabrielle wanted, no needed, only one thing: an orgasm. She lifted herself onto her tiptoes as her climax neared. The fingers disappeared, leaving her on the brink of an orgasm.
“Nine…. four…. three…. two…. one!”

“Ten more,” Steve said and continued.
Gabrielle moaned. Tears formed in her eyes. She knew this was punishment for straightening up twice. Steve didn’t hold back, but he waited longer between each of the last ten strikes. Gabrielle sagged onto the bed after the last strike. She didn’t care that her behind would be a red and purple mess. Thoughts of her need were all that remained. She needed to be touched; needed a man inside her. Gabrielle didn’t care anymore who, as long as someone fucked her.

The men sat down on either side of her. Her husband pulled her towards him and hugged her.
“Good girl,” he said and he kissed her, “I am so proud of you.”
She threw her arms around him and snuggled her head in his neck. He pulled her down onto the bed with him. Only then Gabrielle realized that he was naked.
“Sit on me,” he said.
Slowly Gabrielle lowered herself onto his erection. She sighed as he filled her and held her tight without moving. Gabrielle understood when Steve’s cock pressed against the puckered spot between her bruised buttocks. Another one of her fantasies was about to be fulfilled…


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  1. The Rhythm Of Your Stories Keeps My Blood Up! Your Characters Are Hot! Could Almost Feel Flash Of The Flogger And Swoosh Of The Cane!

  2. I’m so glad it ended with her husband being there to help fulfill the rest of her fantasy. Oh and…OUCH! I’m not sure I could have taken it.

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