Finally A Prostitute (3)

Continued from… Finally A Prostitute (2)

“Have you counted?” he asked.
“Nine. I’ve had nine. Eleven to go,” Gabrielle said.
Six more lashes and her ass was on fire. He stopped again.
“Six to go, right?” he asked.
“No! Five!” Gabrielle said and he laughed. He squeezed her burning ass. She winced and blushed as a drop of wetness escaped her cunt. Five more times the flogger hit her hard. The twentieth lash seemed harder than any of the preceding nineteen. This man was clearly familiar with handling a flogger. Gabrielle kneeled on the bed and lowered herself onto her elbows. Behind her, she heard the unzipping of the man’s pants and the tearing of a condom wrapper. His hands gripped her hips and relentless he slammed into her. Minutes later, he grunted as he climaxed. He pulled out, took the condom off, tied a knot in it, dumped it in the waste bin and zipped his pants. Without another word he left the room, leaving Gabrielle feeling used and unsatisfied. She stayed on her hands and knees until her husband tapped the mirror from the other side, urging her to get back to her task.

Gabrielle quickly pulled down her skirt and opened the curtain. Soon she negotiated with another man.
“No deal,” she said when he also refused to inflict any pain. The same happened with the next two men who showed their interest. Gabrielle stood at the door with a lot more confidence than she had when she first opened it. Another man tapped on the door. She opened it.
“How much to fuck your tits and come on them?” he asked.
“Thirty dollars and ten lashes with the flogger,” Gabrielle answered.
“Deal,” he said.

It surprised Gabrielle, but this time she opened the door without hesitation. He paid her and Gabrielle pulled up her skirt, assuming the same position she had with the first flogging. This man chose a different flogger. It had less strands and it hurt more than the first one. He had a steady rhythm from the moment he started and he struck her hard. Gabrielle cried out with every lash. Her safe word hovered on the tip of her tongue, but she didn’t want to use it. Her bruised bottom was warm when he stopped.
“Corset off!” the man snapped.
Gabrielle obeyed, lay down on the bed and waited for him to straddle her. He put his hard cock between her tits and roughly pushed them together. Watching the movements of his cock while he held her breasts firmly in place, he fucked her. When his orgasm approached, he let go of her tits and finished himself off with his hand. His semen landed on her tits and chin.

After he had left, Gabrielle quickly cleaned away the mess he had made. Since she had never been able to put a corset on by herself, she opened the curtain again, wearing only her skirt, stockings and shoes. Her topless image attracted many interested looks. More men appeared and agreed to her strange fees. One after the other, the men entered for a hand job or to be sucked or fucked after they have spanked, flogged or caned her. After some hours, Gabrielle’s bottom showed a mixture of different colored bruises. It radiated heat and her pussy dripped with wetness. Not once had she been able to reach a climax. She was intensely horny and wished someone would come along and fuck her long enough for her to reach a climax too.

Absentminded, Gabrielle pressed her thighs together, trying to subdue her own excitement while she watched the people passing by outside. She glanced down at her body. She was no model, but she had well-proportioned curves. Gabrielle wished she could close the curtains, lie down on the bed and indulge herself. She needed release. A sudden knock on the door startled her. The eyes of the first customer looked back at her. She opened the door a crack.
“Can I help you?” she asked.
“How much if I want to spank you, then flog you, cane you and fuck you till you cum?”
Gabrielle just stared at him. She had no idea what to tell him. She had no fee for this. Did she want to be spanked and flogged and caned by this man? This man had more knowledge about the BDSM world than any of the others she had serviced this evening. No one else had asked for her safe word and from the way he handled it, he clearly had experience with different impact instruments. But… she needed the orgasm.

She shook her head.
“Sorry,” Gabrielle said, “no deal.”
“Why not?”
“You can fuck me for fifty dollars and twenty lashes with the flogger, but that’s it,” she tried.
“No, I want to spank, flog and cane you until I decide you’ve had enough or you use your safe word. Then I want to fuck you until you cum.”
His voice was demanding and so were his eyes. Gabrielle’s cunt flooded with lust.
“I’m sorry, but…”
“Gabrielle, let Steve in,” her husband’s voice interrupted her.

To be continued… Finally A Prostitute (4)

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