Finally A Prostitute (2)

Continued from… Finally A Prostitute (1)

The large bed was the centerpiece of the room. Black silk bed linen covered it, including two matching pillows. To the right of the door where they had entered, was another door and next to it a huge mirror covered almost the entire wall.
“The bathroom is back there too,” her husband said. “I will be in there, watching you.”
“From the bathroom?” Gabrielle asked, surprised.
Her husband motioned for her to follow him. On the other side of the door, exactly behind the huge ‘mirror’, were two recliners. The bed was visible through the two-way window. Another door in this second room gave access to a small bathroom.

Her husband turned her around and put the thin black leather collar he had retrieved from his trouser pocket around her neck. This signaled the start of her task.
“Now get out there. You know what you have to do,” her husband said and pushed her towards the door. He gave Gabrielle a quick kiss, pushed her forward and firmly closed the door behind her. Gabrielle heard the key turn in the lock. She was on her own now, until he decided otherwise.

Gabrielle looked around in the room. She took off her jacket and put it away in the small closet on the back wall. Nervously she glanced at the mirror and imagined her husband behind it. She knew she had to make a move. In a slow pace, she walked to the far end of the room and opened the thin black wall-to-wall curtains covering the glass door to the street. Gabrielle breathed in deeply, exhaled, breathed in again and then switched on the light. The room bathed in a red light and a bright neon sign in the window lit up: available. She was self-conscious standing at the window with her hand resting on her hip. Gabrielle didn’t look at the people outside, but she knew they were looking at her.

A tap on the glass of the door startled her. She looked up and saw a man in a suit watching her. Gabrielle blushed and hesitated, but then opened the door.
“How much for a blow job?” he asked.
“Ten dollars and ten lashes with the flogger,” she answered.
“What?” he said with incomprehension showing on his face. Gabrielle repeated what she had said.
“I’ll pay you ten dollars but I will not hit you,” he said.
“Then the deal is off,” Gabrielle said.
“Twenty dollars?” he tried again.
“No. The price is ten dollars and ten lashes with the flogger.”
“Thirty dollars?”
Gabrielle shook her head and while she closed the door, she said: “Deal’s off.”

This short encounter gave her courage. If more men followed and didn’t agree with her fees, her task would be easier. Gabrielle’s task was to get as many customers as she could, but each of the customers she allowed in had to engage in impact play too. They had discussed the risks of asking a stranger to hurt her, but with her husband in the next room, she felt safe. Gabrielle had always wanted to be a hooker for at least one day. Her husband came up with the fees and the extra actions added to it. It scared and excited her. She was still mulling around her thoughts when she heard another tap on the window. A man dressed in dark denim trousers and a black sleeveless T-shirt smiled at her.
“How much for doggy style?” the man asked when she opened the door. His accent betrayed that he was from the south of the country.
“Fifty dollars and twenty lashes with the flogger, both to be paid beforehand,” she answered.
“Deal,” he said.

Gabrielle just stared at him.
“Now, are you going to let me in or not?” he asked brusque.
He pulled the door open and Gabrielle stepped back.
His voice snapped Gabrielle back to the present. She quickly closed the door to the street, changed the light from available to occupied and closed the curtain. She missed the ‘thumbs up’ the man signaled towards the mirror-window. Gabrielle busied herself with the curtains longer than necessary. She needed time to compose herself. Her heart raced in her chest. Inhaling deeply, she inwardly chanted: This is it. I can do it. This is it. I can do it.
She turned around and took the money he held out to her. While the man looked at several floggers, canes and other impact implements hanging on the wall, she waited. He chose a heavy flogger.
“Undress,” he said.
“Just my skirt,” Gabrielle said and quickly pulled up her skirt.
The man whistled when he saw her bare ass above the red of her hold-up stockings. Gabrielle bent forward and supported herself on the bed.
“What’s your safe word?” he asked.

The flogger touched her ass hard enough for Gabrielle to lose her balance for a moment. She stumbled forward, breathed in and tried to ease away the pain in her bottom. Before she could adjust fully, the flogger kissed her ass a second time. She realized that it wouldn’t be easy to work through the twenty lashes. The flogger touched her behind a couple of times more. He stopped and softly ran his hand over her warm buttocks.

To be continued… Finally A Prostitute (3)

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  1. I think I’d have that same sense of relief after the first guy said no. But damn, that the second guy agreed? That’s just hot.

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