Finally A Prostitute (1)

She was nervous, sitting in the car next to her husband. Gabrielle folded her hands in her lap, as if in prayer. Seconds later, she unfolded her hands again and pulled at her short, bright red skirt to cover her thighs. There wasn’t much fabric to cover anything. The lacy tops of the matching red hold-up stockings showed from under it. Red patent leather shoes complemented the stockings and skirt.
“Stop fidgeting!”
Her husband’s tone was stern.
She tried to keep still. When she moved her hands again, her husband covered them with his right hand.
“I said: stop!” His voice was soft, but firm.
“I’m so nervous,” Gabrielle said in small voice, “I don’t know if I can do this.”
“You can. You will.”

He moved his hand to the steering wheel when they reached the outskirts of the big city, as traffic needed his full attention. It seemed like everyone wanted to get either in or out of the city at the start of the weekend. Gabrielle blushed when she thought about their destination. She was nervous to the point of quitting, but she also knew that she wouldn’t back out. She had spoken to her husband many times about this fantasy. It was about to become reality. Her husband had tasked her. She hesitated when he told her about it, but wetness had also gathered between her legs. It was always like that. She accepted tasks, then got nervous and doubted herself. This time Gabrielle’s doubts were worse than it had ever been. Her husband would be with her all weekend, but essentially, Gabrielle would be left to her own devices. Her task started that evening and ended when her husband decided it, unless she used her safe word.

Gabrielle’s looked at the red corset that pushed her breasts up high, barely covering her nipples. She loved the way the tight corset hugged her body and pushed up her breasts. However, knowing she would soon appear in public, dressed like this, made Gabrielle squirm. A mixture of nerves and excitement surged through her body. A hot, sticky wetness covered her inner folds. It pooled between her legs. Her nipples hardened and pressed against the fabric of the corset, which relentlessly kept them hidden from the outside world. Gabrielle pulled on the lapels of her black jacket, trying to cover her breasts. The jacket only concealed some. Her husband had chosen her outfit well.

Absentmindedly she looked at the cars on the opposite side of the highway. Gabrielle’s thoughts went back to when they had left home. The twenty-odd meters she had to walk to the car lasted an eternity. Her husband had warned her beforehand not to pull on her clothes. Gabrielle had to walk to the car tall and proud.
“But what if someone sees me?” she asked, “what if the neighbors see me?”
“Yes, what if they do?” her husband asked in return.
At first, Gabrielle thought he was mocking her, but he was serious.
“They will…” she faltered, “they might thi… they… I look…”
Gabrielle seemed to have lost the ability to form a full sentence.
“They will think you look like a slut? A whore?”

Gabrielle nodded shyly. Her husband put his finger under her chin. Her eyes met his.
“You do. You are a slut. My slut. My whore,” he said as a smile formed around his mouth, “especially this weekend.”
A blush covered Gabrielle’s face as she remembered those words, and it deepened when she realized that they were almost at their destination. Nerves tightened in the pit of her stomach. Doubts flooded through her again. Would she be able to carry out this task the way he wanted it? The way it was in her fantasy? She glanced at her husband at the same moment that his eyes rested on her.
“Ready…” he smiled.
It wasn’t a question. He stated a fact. Gabrielle’s smile was weak.

Gabrielle’s husband parked the car across the street from a narrow alley. The last light of the day didn’t reach into the alley, leaving it looking dark and ominous. At the far end of it, on the other side of the darkness, was a faint light. They entered through the door under the light. A man came from a small booth and welcomed them. He looked at Gabrielle with undisguised lust.

“Wait here,” her husband said as he followed the man into the office.
Five minutes later both men joined her again.
“Follow me,” the man said and opened a door, which gave access to a hallway. Five meters from the door of the hallway they rounded a corner. The man headed for the middle of five doors on their left. He unlocked it and kept it open for the couple to enter. He handed the key to the room to Gabrielle’s husband. With a smirk and a last glance at Gabrielle, he left the room.

To be continued… Finally A Prostitute (2)

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