One Finger

“One finger,” he said.
“Slow please, very slow,” she warned.
“Always slow, Edie. Always.”

Edie lay on her stomach, a pillow under her hips. This had always been her favorite position for anal stimulation. Thom ran his finger up and down between her buttocks, spreading the lube and just slightly pressing against her opening. She almost came only from his touch. Almost.

He poured more cold lube between her buttocks and this time when he spread it, Thom pushed the top of his finger inside her. She gasped and instinctively tightened her muscles.
Thom kneaded her round cheeks, pulling them apart and thus stimulating her asshole. A shiver ran through Edie’s body and involuntarily she sighed. She pushed her cheeks up to meet Thom’s hands, inviting him to touch her again. The cold of the lube had disappeared and made place for the warmth of her expecting excitement.

The top of his finger entered Edie. She tightened her muscles again, but not as firmly as earlier. Thom waited until she relaxed again and then pushed in a bit deeper. He waited again before he pushes his finger in entirely. Edie’s breathing was quick and shallow. Thom slowly pulled back, then pushed in again. He finger-fucked her, and with his other hand he squeezed the bottle of lube. Edie showed no reaction when cold lube joined the warm sensations. Her muscles were relaxed enough for Thom to slip a second finger inside.

“That feels so good,” Edie sighed.
Thom leaned forward and kissed her.
“It looks good too,” he said.
He moved away and keeping his two fingers inside her, positioned himself on his knees between her legs. He moved closer to push her legs further apart with his legs. The sight in front of him was beautiful: Edie’s asshole filled with his two fingers and her cunt glistening with her wetness.
“From here it looks even better,” he said and at the same time he added a third finger.

“Ohhh,” Edie said and clenched her muscles around his fingers, “be careful.”
“Have you added another finger?” Edie asked.
“Can you add another one?”
“Only if you relax your muscles again.”
Edie fell quiet again and surrendered to the sensations of Thom’s fingers. This time when he added more lube, she noticed. She also noticed when he added a fourth finger.

“I feel so full. I thought it would be hard to take one finger in my ass, let alone three.”

Edie allowed the sensations of Thom’s fingers to take hold of her body. She concentrated on his pushing in and out of her and tried to image what he saw. Did he watch his finger moving in and out of her ass or did he look at her wet pussy, wanting to fuck it?
“Tell me what you see?”
“Your bottom. Your cunt. Your ass.”
“No. Tell me what you see.”
“My fingers. Entering your body. Your body. Opening up for me. Inviting me in. Trusting me. Your cunt. You are so fucking wet…”

Thom stopped thrusting when Edie moved her legs a bit.
“Don’t stop,” she said while she pushed back on her knees and start the meet his thrusts.
“You are going to hurt yourself,” Thom warned.
“I want this. I want it. I want it. I want it.”
With each short sentence she pushed back against his hand. Thom quickly added more lube. All he had to do now was to keep his hand still. Edie fucked herself with his fingers. He folded his thumb inward to join his fingers and watched in amazement how almost all of his hand slipped inside Edie.

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.”
She swore on every thrust. Thom kept his hand still, allowing Edie to do all the work, but he reached under her and found her clitoris. Her silky wetness has spread everywhere.
“Oh fuck yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.”

Suddenly her body stiffened. Her muscles clutched hard around his hand. She threw her head back and a mixture of moans and words left her mouth. She breathed hard. Panted. Moaned.

Then her body went limp. Thom carefully pulled his hand from her. Edie doesn’t seem to notice. It took several minutes before she opened her eyes and seek for Thom’s.

“That was so fucking good!”

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