Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk

Night falls on the city, baby feels the beat
Slick and sexy angel of the street
The queen of all the night birds watch her when she walks
She don’t say nothing but, baby makes her blue jeans talk

These words, taken from the song “Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk” by Dr. Hook has always managed to have put this image in my head of a super sexy, slender woman with endless legs and a stunning ass!

I have never been that woman.

There were times when I wore jeans frequently and yes, there were also times when they really made me feel sexy. I stopped wearing jeans many years ago. Actually, I stopped wearing pants many years ago. The only pants I own are two pairs of yoga pants I wear when I have a lazy day, but going out, I always wear a dress or a skirt. Always.

When I grew up and way into my twenties, jeans have always been leisure wear. I never wore it to the office (it was not allowed). When I came to this country, absolutely everyone wore jeans. Okay, that might be exaggerated, but really, about 90% of people wore jeans. My mom always said it’s the Dutch uniform. I was surprised when I learned (and saw) that people also wore it to the office. I did too, as I wanted to blend in, but it just didn’t feel right.

I noticed that all men around me wore jeans too. I wasn’t in the kind of business where men were required to wear suits. Even the director came to work wearing jeans every day. Master T wears jeans every day too, and where I love the way he dresses, I cannot say that the jeans do anything for me. I rather prefer a man in a suit (I love when Master T wears a suit) or a woman in a beautiful dress, legs in stockings and feet in beautiful heels.

Jeans just isn’t one of my kinks.

When I started to gain weight, jeans became my way to ‘hide’ my body. Eventually jeans were just not as comfortable anymore as they were before. I actually stopped wearing them and had them in my closet for years before I finally tossed them out last year. No need to keep them if I didn’t plan to wear them ever again. However, never say never. There might be a day when I decide it’s a good idea to buy a new pair of jeans…

Back in the time I wore jeans, I also had other jeans clothing, such as a skirt and a jacket. Those I threw out too, fully convinced that I would never wear those too. Then, a couple of weeks ago, I was in my favorite store – The Stone – looking at the new collection of dresses they had. I bought two dresses and while the lady folded it, she said: “This dress is so nice to wear with a jeans jacket.”
Ever since those words were stuck in my head.

A week ago I finally went back to The Stone, three weeks after I had bought the dresses and when I walked out, I was the proud owner of a piece of jeans fabric again. I was ready to make my blue jeans talk, even though they weren’t covering my ass!

Jeans might not be one of my kinks, but there’s always a way to make jeans – or denim – sexy!

Naked breasts in denim jacket
Showing off… denim… breasts… or both?

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3 thoughts on “Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk

  1. I actually went through a phase in my early twenties where I refused to wear jeans because I wanted to be individual. Then I started just wearing coloured jeans, red, green but never blue!

    Now I live in them, particularly at work where I get covered in dust and mud! They’re just comfy and easy to wear.

  2. Beautiful. I love my jeans whether I dress up or down in them. I didn’t wear them for about ten years but I returned to my jean-clad roots.

    You might not wear jeans but you look damn hot in denim.

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