The Final Frontier

They left earth two days earlier but out here in the endless blackness of space time seemed to have changed. Minutes became hours; hours flew by like minutes. Commander Gillian Horne floated in front of one of the portholes, looking down on earth. In two weeks she will be back on the planet. The thought evoked no longing feelings. Behind her Captain Jerome Allen glanced towards his commander. In the reflection of the glass in front of her he saw the frown on her face.

It was time.

Jerome glanced at the other two crew members.
“I need to talk to the Commander,” he said in a low voice. Both the other men looked at him. He offered them no further explanation, but continued with an order: “Please continue to monitor the data and look for anomalies.”
With this he pushed himself from his chair and floated to the where Gillian still stared down on earth.
“Gillian,” he said and carefully touched her shoulder, “do you have a moment?”
He didn’t wait for he reaction but floated towards the back of the space craft. As he turned a corner towards one of the sleeping bunks, he noticed Gillian had followed him. He waited for her to catch up, then floated pass her and closed the hatch behind her.

Jerome returned to Gillian and hugged her from behind. His right hand found her left breast. He squeezed through the thin material of the suit she wore. They were not in their thick space suits anymore, but all wearing one-piece suits that resembled a tracksuit.
“Jerome,” Gillian said and tried to turn around to face him.
“Hush, just let go. I know what you need, Commander.”
His hand found the zipper on the front of the suit and pulled it down.
“Jerome,” Gillian said again, but this time the words sounded like a moan.

He had practiced this in his mind many times before, but now that he had to do it he noticed that it never went as one had imagined it. Still, moments later, he had Gillian where he wanted her. He had her tied down on one of the sleeping bunks. The straps on the bunks were perfect for that. She had her hands tied about her head, her legs pulled up and spread and one of the straps kept her down. He floated towards her while he got rid of his own clothing, revealing his erection. Thankfully, despite the weightlessness of space, his bodily functions were still all in order.

It took some maneuvering to push and pull his body against that of Gillian and tie himself in place. Gillian held her arms around Jerome’s waist to keep him close. It took some effort for him to move his arm towards his cock and guide his cock into Gillian’s waiting cunt. Her desire was wet and welcoming. The feeling was as good as they had both imagined it to be.

Jerome fucked Gillian in slow motion and with her help. Space prevented him from being the alpha male he was back on the blue planet. But, only in his movements. He grabbed the sides of the bunk and growled in her ear: “This is only the beginning, my love. I want to give you what you need.”
Warmth filled her being when she heard the words ‘my love’. Not knowing how to react to it, she allowed her mischievous nature to surface.
“And you know what I need?” she laughed, but could not prevent cynicism pouring into her words.
“I do.”
“Tell me.”
“From what I hear in your voice I will have to start with a spanking.”

Gillian moaned. For now, it was not his cock, but his words that excited her.
“A spanking,” she laughed, “no way you’re going to manage that here.”
Her voice sounded a bit friendlier, even filled with a mixture of expectation and disbelief. How long had she hoped for this day to come. For him to want to hurt her? Why was he promising it to her now, in this weightless space, where he could not give her what she craved.

“Not here, but down there.”
A shiver ran through Gillian’s being. Down there. At home. On the planet they both love, whether on it or watching it from above. Their relationship had been troubled in the past months. Gillian needed him to take control. She had talked to him about it on so many occasions, but he never wanted to hurt her or control her. It didn’t make it easier that she outranked him at work. She knew he needed time to think, but had given up hope the closer they came to this mission.

“And after the spanking?” she dared to ask.
“We’ll see,” Jerome said, “but, I can tell you one thing, Commander, you will not be in charge!”
Another shiver took hold of every fiber in her body.
“Aye aye, Captain,” she laughed and pulled him even closer. Their coupling in space might not be that successful, but there was promise for more.

* * * * *

Two days before they were to return to earth, Commander Gillian Horne floated in front of one of the portholes, looking down on earth. No clouds covered the beautiful roughness of the African continent. Captain Jerome Allen’s face appeared next to hers and she felt his body pressing against hers as he tried to steady himself.
“Two days, my love, two days and we’re back on earth. A new adventure is waiting. Be ready!”
Before she could answer him, he drifted away, leaving her with a smile on her face and a longing in her bones. Finally. Finally he was willing to test the boundaries – hers and his.

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