Mobile Frame

Pussy reflected in screen of mobile

About a year ago I made an image of Master T when we were out for lunch. I had my camera with me and my mobile was on the table between us. His face was perfectly framed in the screen of my mobile.

Then came the Sinful Sunday prompt for this week… and we had no idea what to do. We discussed several ideas containing actual frames or using something like a mirror (done that before) or a window or a door opening… or… or… or…

About a week ago I was searching for something on my computer and my eye fell on the image of Master T. That’s when we decided that we’re going to do that. I thought about having my breasts – one or both – reflected on the screen of my mobile. We needed to find the right angle – which would have been easier had we both been sitting at the same table we did when I made the image of Master T – and to do so, Master T made a couple of images. Those images were not of my breasts. I was fixed on that idea…

Then, when I looked at all the images on my computer, I chose one of the ‘test’ images for today. When I saw this image on the camera, I didn’t like it because it shows the scars on my pussy from major surgery back in 1994. But the more I looked at it, the more I liked the image. My pussy is not perfect, but I love it!
All I did was to flip the image upside down, crop it a bit and make it a bit lighter to define my pussy a bit better inside the screen of my Samsung mobile.

Pussy reflected in screen of mobile
Perfectly framed by Samsung!

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This image has been chosen as one of Molly’s top 5 and this is what she said about it:

I think this is a very clever and intriguing image from Rebel. Yes it is obvious that it is a picture of her pussy and despite the fact that she is almost didn’t post it because it shows the scars from her surgery I think it looks beautiful. However the framing of her adds an almost mysterious element to the image as you try to work out exactly what it you are seeing. Is it a reflection, is a picture of a picture? You will have to read her post to find that out.