Feel Like A Woman

I find myself sitting on the couch after a rather lazy day. I’m feeling horny after I have had a couple of glasses of wine. Three, to be precise. This seems to be the natural response my body has to wine, sometimes after two glasses, sometimes after three. I have to be careful though, because sometimes the third glass of wine will make the horniness disappear, and sometimes that happens with the fourth glass.

In a wine-induced horny mood, it’s not always possible to have sex. I wish it was, but you know – life. What I tend to do then is to either totally ignore the horny feeling and get on with whatever it is I have to do, or I totally ignore whatever I have to do and tend to lose myself in websites with sexy clothing. Those are the moments I feel sexy and when I picture myself in several outfits – dresses, bodystockings, lingerie and more. Sometimes I click on the items, look for my size and put in the shopping cart with the full intention to buy it, but in the end I never do. Almost never.

Why do I look at the items then?

Because I love picturing myself in something beautiful and sexy. Don’t you? Don’t you ever see a sexy dress and wonder how you will look when you wear it? I look at the dresses and not only do I picture myself in it, but I also start thinking when and where I will wear it. A dress that is short and showing some cleavage but suitable enough for daily wear might be worn when we go out for dinner, or even to our local bar. A dress that seems to be see-through seems suitable for a night to a club – something I still want to do. A dress that leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination is for Master T’s eyes only, or to be worn during a play date. I love wearing sexy dresses, especially when they show off my curves.

I’ve also mentioned bodystockings. About a year ago I bought one without consulting with Master T first. The look on his face when he saw me in it for the first time made me feel sexy, wanted, hot. The bodystockings I have – they are identical – have long sleeves and an open crotch. I now find myself looking at bodystockings I can wear under a dress, something with shoulder straps, but still with an open crotch. The idea of wearing this under a ‘proper’ dress when we go out for dinner is incredibly inviting.

Speaking of an open crotch, pantyhose with an open crotch always end up in the shopping cart too. I have bought several of these, but stupidly enough haven’t worn them yet. Do you ever do that? Buy something and then forget to wear it?

One thing I look at on the websites but actually never put in the shopping cart is lingerie. Do you spice up your outfit with sexy lingerie? I don’t. This doesn’t mean my underwear is ugly though. I just tend to wear bras that feel comfortable and give me something of a cleavage and my knickers always match my bras, but they are never bought as a set. I love to look at sexy lingerie, but in the past when I have bought something sexy, it was just never comfortable enough. This has eventually put me off buying it and made me stick with more practical underwear.

I love to feel sexy and as long as there is clothing that can help me to feel like this, I will buy it. Hell, I’m 100% woman when it comes to that – buying clothes and shoes and also getting the approval of the man in my life for whatever I am wearing. And of course, sometimes I like to surprise Master T with a sexy garment.

Sexy clothes and shoes always make for a happy Rebel!

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One thought on “Feel Like A Woman

  1. i’m the 1st to admit, i have no fashion “sense”. one place i worked at had no “dress code”, jeans and polo shirts were the norm.
    occasional we had a presentation for a large contract. husband bought me a very nice pinstripe skirt suit. i didnt like it, if i wear a skirt, i wanted it to be sexy, and the pinstripes didnt “do it” for me.
    at his insistence, and help, a matching lace bra, thong, garter belt, stockings, and my highest spike heels “rounded out” my clothes for the day.
    all day long i felt naughty, knowing no one else knew what was hidden under my formal business clothes 🙂

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