The above gif has been made of images that Master T took of me when we stayed in a hotel for our ten-year wedding anniversary. I crawled away from him, from the lounge to the bedroom, which was about ten to fifteen meters apart. Then I turned around, and crawled back to him. By the time I reached him, I was wet and breathing fast….

Crawling accidentally became a kink of mine.

I have always been a person who is quite connected with earth. Ever since my childhood I have loved walking on bare feet. I used to love sitting on the floor in front of the couch, but ‘old age’ has stopped me doing that. It also stopped me from lying on the floor, on my back listening to music. So all that has remained are my bare feet – and in winter I wear socks. I always take my shoes off as soon as I can.

One night, I sat on my spot on the couch and Master T sat in his recliner. I had this urge to lay my head in his lap, to feel his hand on my head. I slid off the couch, until I stood on my knees and then crawled to Master T. It was only about two meters, but it felt so damn good. After some time I crawled away from him, around the table and back to him again. I told him how good it felt and ever since then, crawling was part of our kink.

My kink.

Crawling ticks all the right boxes for me. For me it’s a way of expressing my submissive nature, of showing Master T that I want to serve him. But it’s more than that. Crawling makes me feel small. It makes me feel vulnerable. It makes me feel like being on my hands and knees on the floor is exactly where I belong. This shouldn’t be read in a negative way. Crawling puts me in the right headspace. I am a strong woman and know what I want. Maybe that’s just it. Crawling is a way of letting go of control. Being down on the floor on hands and knees, there is no way I can be in control of anything. Or want to be.

Since I have admitted to Master T how special it is to me to crawl towards or away from him, he has occasionally told me to crawl. Either away from him or towards him. I feel sexy when I do, especially when I am naked. I know when I crawl away from him he can see my bottom and a hint of my pussy, and when I crawl towards him, he sees my breasts hanging down. But, even when I am clothed I feel sexy crawling for him.

It just IS a fucking sexy thing to do!

And it feels sexy too, if you concentrate on the movements of your body. I do. I push my bottom out to feel the muscles stretching. Crawling, moving one knee in front of the other, my labia move. If I move my legs in a specific way when crawling, I can even feel my labia pushing against my clitoris with the help of my leg. And this is not only when I am naked.

Crawling is sexy. It’s special. It’s my kink.

Crawled to Master T and now waiting for his next command…

© Rebel’s Notes

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  1. Whilst crawling isn’t for me . . . my knees aren’t up to it these days (LOL) . . . I do simply LOVE your moving images !!!

    They look just wonderful !!!

    Xx – K

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