The Bondage Man UV Wax Play Candles Rainbow Pack

I am way too late with this review, but due to the illness of my mom, we just didn’t have the time or the energy to test the candles. Überkinky has been so incredibly patient and understanding about this. Finally, we have had the time to test the candles. I needed some relaxation. I actually needed some pain, something to take my mind off things. What better way to do that than with wax play candles?

Packaging, Contents, Shape ‘n Size & Material

The candles came in a clear zip lock bag and the beautiful colors immediately spoke to me when I saw them. Each of the 7 candles – orange, green, pink, red, yellow, blue and purple – is 10 centimeters long and 2.75 centimeters in diameter. They are made of all-natural environmentally friendly soybean wax and botanical oils and are specially designed to melt into the perfect wax dripping vessel. They melt at 54 degrees Celsius to prevent burns to the skin.

wax play candles
A scattered rainbow

How does it work?

The UV Wax Play Candles are designed in a way that when you light them, the flame creates a channel for the wax to move through and the tip melts into a dripping spout. The temperature at which the wax melts – 54 degrees Celsius (130 Fahrenheit) – allows teh wax to be warm enough to get just the right sensation without burning the skin or leaving any damage.

My experience with & opinion of the product

From the moment I opened my eyes that morning, I could not stop thinking about our date for that night: we were going to try out the candles. Finally! I really needed the relaxation. I needed more – pain, for instance – but with Master T not well either, I didn’t want to push it. We went to ‘bed’ a bit earlier that night to have enough time to thoroughly test the candles.

But… this was not the start of the testing.

When we received the candles, the first thing we needed to do was to get a blacklight from somewhere. Master T ordered one online and then we discovered that the fitting of the bulb he had bought was too big for any of the lamps we have in the house. I went to the shops in search of a lamp and it was only at the third shop that I found one.

wax from wax playI covered the bed with a dark red tablecloth, got naked and lay down on the bed, naked. This was after Master T had taken a photo of the candles on the bed. I heard him light the first candle and was surprised when the first drop of wax touched my body. It was hot! Not too hot to handle, but hotter than I expected it to be. Master T said that he held the candle about 80-90 centimeters above my body. I got what I wanted – wax play and some pain. Master T dripped quite an amount of the first color – green – on my body and took some photos. Then the next color, more photos, more dripping, more photos. At times my leg involuntarily twitched when a hot drop of wax touched me just where my back runs over into my buttocks. I tried to breathe away the pain. Sometimes I succeeded, sometimes I didn’t. All the time I enjoyed the sensations.

When we were done, Master T used a knife to get the wax off my body. With all of the colors on the dark table cloth, I just had to take at least one photo of my own. The colors are stunning in the blacklight. I can hardly wait to use the candles again and be a work of art, especially since I have read that when there are only stubs left of the candles, you can melt them au bain marie and use them to paint. Oh my! Who wants to use the wax to paint a beautiful work of art on my body?

Where to buy?

You can buy The Bondage Man UV Wax Play Candles Rainbow Pack at Überkinky for 25 pounds.

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