After dedicating February Photofest 2017 to the history of my seven years of blogging, I decided to do the A-Z Blogging Challenge 2017 in a similar way. Similar, not the same.

When I started my blog more than seven years ago, I thought a pussy and a vagina was exactly the same. Over the years I have leaned that this is not the case. Do you hear me? This is not the case. Okay, wait, I have to say it differently.

When I speak about pussy, I mean everything. My labia, outer and inner, my clitoris, everything. There was a time when I I thought I should use the polite name for pussy and therefore I used vagina. However, the vagina is the passage that leads from the opening of the vulva to the cervix of the uterus. In other words, it’s the opening where a penis enters. That is a vagina and the rest is not included. You will definitely find posts on my blog where I had used the wrong terminology.

My vagina brings me lots of pleasure. I love when I am fucked. I love how my vagina can be inviting to men, that men want to push fingers inside me, wants to fuck me until not only I, but they come too. I don’t easily reach a vaginal orgasm but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to be fucked. Another thing I love is oral sex – to feel the mouth of another on my genitals and maybe a tongue being pushed in my vaginal opening.

My vagina is an important part of my body, as are my labia that protect my vagina, but given me just as much pleasure as my vagina does. I love how it feels. I love touching my soft lips and feel the puffiness or to push a finger inside me and feel my wetness oozing from my body. I love how my clitoris really is the center of my body, and is the start and the end of all pleasure. Having my clitoris stimulated – whether by my own fingers or that of someone else – reminds me every time how wonderful my body is, how pleasing my pussy can be. My pussy – and this includes my vagina – makes me proud, because it pleases me, but mostly because it pleases Master T and a handful of other men, and at this moment, one woman.

Nowadays, when I speak of my pussy, I mean everything, in other words, including my vagina. I rarely speak about my vagina as such, but if I do, I now prefer to use the correct terminology.

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7 thoughts on “Vagina

  1. I’ve loved how you’ve been doing the A-Z challenge and this is another great post. Also, kudos for keeping it up with everything going on! Xxx

  2. I like cunt, myself. Er, I mean the word cunt.

    To me it expresses appreciation, desire, affection and those things better than any other word. But it’s subjective, of course.

    “But tha’s got a lovely Lady Jane, Constance.”

  3. I don’t expect anyone to use the clinical/medical terms for their genitals during sexy times, though outside the bedroom, proper terminology is important. People also tend to have a healthier attitude towards their bodies and sexuality when they’re taught the proper terms from a young age, instead of euphemisms or “down there.”

  4. Terminology is important. We do get used to using things interchangeably, but it’s good to know the correct words. It’s a toss up between pussy and cunt on which I like better

  5. You have a lovelly vagina Marie Rebelle

    I love you’re stories about it and the pictures ar great

    Big Kiss for you


  6. You have a lovelly vagina Marie Rebelle

    I love you’re stories about is and the pictures ar great

    Big Kiss for you


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