After dedicating February Photofest 2017 to the history of my seven years of blogging, I decided to do the A-Z Blogging Challenge 2017 in a similar way. Similar, not the same.

The underwear I wear every day is functional. No lace, no fancy things. Just plain black or natural color and chosen for comfort, not to seduce anyone. If I want to feel sexy or indeed seduce someone, I prefer to wear no knickers at all. It’s strange. When I choose not to wear any underwear, it is quite different from when I am punished and told I am not allowed to wear underwear.

I don’t only own functional underwear though. I do have quite a collection of lovely knickers – or panties as I have called them for quite some time. However, when in Dutch you speak about ‘panties’ you mean tights, so gradually I started to use the British word ‘knickers’. I have quite a collection of Victoria Secret panties with words on them, but I can’t wear them at this moment because my bottom is still too big. Once I have reached my goal weight, I will get back to wearing those, as I really like them and I love sending a message with the knickers I am wearing. Still, on working days, I will wear my functional knickers, because that’s just the way I roll.

Pairing knickers with shoes can make for quite striking images, depending on the color combinations. Sometimes I just love to wear those striking colors so we can take some photos and share them with the world. I know not all women like lingerie. I sure do, but I should make more time to wear it, as I tend to buy beautiful things and then not wear it for years!

There was a time when I really hated pulling my knickers down and discovering a white discharge in it. I just hated it. I was ashamed when I found the white discharge, because I thought I was dirty and not ‘doing things right’. However, nowadays when I see my dirty panties, it mostly comes because I am horny. It’s a different kind of white discharge, this time not from any kind of virus, but showing the lust I feel when I see certain individuals.

I want to highlight two other posts here:
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Whether you wear functional underwear or lacy, sexy pieces, own it. Be who you are. Feel it. Feel sexy, feel like you!

A to Z Challenge 2017

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3 thoughts on “Underwear

  1. many years ago, my (then future) husband hinted that i switch from bikini’s to thongs…i was hesitant at first, then reluctantly, made the switch..

    id ever thought much about matching undies, i wore whatever was on top in the drawer. my husband, on the other hand, made sure i had matching sets of bras/thongs, some with matching garter belts!
    soon he was buying shoes that matched, and coordinating the clothes i wore to work, and on the nights we went out for dinner/drinks.
    most of the time i wore jeans/polos and work boots to work, but there were those times that i needed to DRESS the part…
    very professional business skirt suits, and dresses began to fill my closet. he’d almost always help with my clothes and undies the night before. many times ive been in a “proper” pinstripe skirt/jacket/blouse, but wearing a lacy demi cup bra, g-string, garter belt/stockings, and probably wearing the heels i’d worn for bedroom fun the night before.
    i look in my closet at all the colors/styles of my heels, and i can easily match them up with the perfect thong

  2. I love the word “knickers”! I kind of wish it were used in North America as well as the U.K. My favorite style, though, is going commando.

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