After dedicating February Photofest 2017 to the history of my seven years of blogging, I decided to do the A-Z Blogging Challenge 2017 in a similar way. Similar, not the same.

I sometimes fantasize about quickies. Quickies where I meet Master T for lunch, we have a quick fuck and then both go back to work again. Or where we know the kids will be back home in half an hour, but still we have a quick fuck with the risk of them being home earlier. I can only imagine the rush that it would give.

When I think about quickies, I tend not only to think of having a quick fuck, but also of where we would have said coupling. I see alleyways in my mind, immediately knowing that fucking there would not be possible, because we don’t even know where to find an alley where it would be possible, but also because it would physically not be possible for us. The fantasy of the quickie at home is easier. There I see myself bent over the dining room table and Master T fucking me from behind. Dress up, pants down and… sex!

Master T and I have actually never had quickies before. Not as far as I can remember. There are always someone around, and when there’s not, we like to take our time. In hotels, we don’t like to be rushed. We love taking time for each other, enjoying every minute together.

Still, thinking of quickies and the places where you can have them, my fantasies start all over again!
Speaking of a lunch time quickie, I have even once written about it. This is only a fantasy, but once again I wish there was an opportunity to really make this happen.

I think quickies will always only be a fantasy… and those fantasies are good ones. They are fuel for stories, fuel for masturbation sessions and they fill my dreams.

A to Z Challenge 2017

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2 thoughts on “Quickies

  1. i was never much on having a quickie. i’d rather be teased, played with, and eventually have loud sex !!

    however weve had a few quickies over the (almost20) years weve been together…

    most recently husband was in the garage, finishing up the welding on a yard art project for me. it was friggin HOT, garage temps were close to 100F that afternoon. i sat down on the seat of his harley, as he finished the last weld, and unbuttoned his dirty welding jacket, the sweat was rolling off him like a river…
    before i knew it his hand was down the front of my shorts, and rubbing my clit. it didnt take long before i was spread wide and he was pounding my poor pussy hard and fast…
    on a beach in florida, we found a secluded spot, and he went down on me, i came twice before we heard voices coming towards us..
    my kids were visiting us, they were downstairs playing video games, i was laying on the floor playing with our dog. i felt his weight on top of me, his hand between my legs searching for my clit. he pushed my pants down, and pulled one leg free.. forcing my legs apart i felt the head of his cock between my ass cheeks. he slipped slowly closer and closer to my pussy, and slid inside. i could hear the kids downstairs, they were literally right below us, with nothing but a hardwood floor separating us.
    slow and steady he pumped his cock inside me, i was trying to be quiet, and urging him to cum, i was listening for footsteps on the stairs, the dog wanted me to keep petting her…… this was sooooo naughty
    he whispered in my ear he was about to cum, just as he did, i squirted, covering us both with a flood….
    he pulled out, i was gasping for air, and trying to get my pants back on, he headed down the hall to grab a towel, one of the kids heard the dog running down the hall after him, and came bounding up the steps to see what was going on…
    he was wiping up the “spilled water” on the floor when my son came around the corner…..whew…

  2. How about you having a quickie in your back yard, or while hiking in the woods, or in the back seat of a taxi? Or in the back seat of a bus?

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