After dedicating February Photofest 2017 to the history of my seven years of blogging, I decided to do the A-Z Blogging Challenge 2017 in a similar way. Similar, not the same.

There was a time when I didn’t make any sound during sex. No matter how nice it felt, not matter how sexy the man, no matter how good his skills… I was quiet. This was until I was involved with a couple. The wife made a lot of sounds, and still I was quiet. Then one night, in a not so gentle way, he told me that if what he or she did to me was good, I should at least let them know by making a sound. I tried, but it took weeks before it started to feel like second nature to moan during sex. And, to be a bit cliche, I never looked back!

I have no idea why I was always so quiet during sex. I sat here, thinking about it, and somehow I think it has something to do with the sexual abuse I went through and that man telling me not to make a sound. Maybe that carried over into my adult life and I just needed some to ‘unlock the achievement’ so I can start showing the world how much I love sex.

Nowadays it’s the opposite from what it was back then. It even happened a couple of years ago that Master T and I had sex the night before, and in the morning my son asked me if I enjoyed it, because I was quite loud the night before. Our teen always jokes about hearing us… or rather, me. And when she jokes about it, I always offer her some of my earplugs. I love that I can be open about it to the kids and I hope it nestles in their thoughts that it’s a natural thing to moan during sex, that it’s allowed.

Not all my moaning is about pleasure. Sometimes I moan because of pain. Sometimes the pain is the good kind, sometimes it’s not. I always moan during painful sessions and that is the good kind of pain. The time I had a Brazilian wax, their was a moderate amount of moaning too, because the pain was something totally different than delivered by a flogger or a whip.

I love being expressive during sex. I love that I can moan when it hurts but also moan when it’s good. And, I know Master T loves to hear me moan, but that’s not the reason why I do it. There is absolutely no reason at all. Nowadays it’s just a natural part of my personality, to moan in pain and pleasure.

A to Z Challenge 2017

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