After dedicating February Photofest 2017 to the history of my seven years of blogging, I decided to do the A-Z Blogging Challenge 2017 in a similar way. Similar, not the same.

When you use the word ‘intimate’ as an adjective it can have either of the following meanings:

  • closely acquainted; familiar (example: intimate friends)
  • private and personal (example: “going into intimate details of his sexual encounters)

In the last example the words ‘intimate details’ are mentioned. If you look at this blog, that is exactly what I share: intimate details. I share those details in words, but also in images. I tell you about dates we’ve had and I share intimate details from those dates (always with permission). When I share images that show someone else but me, I always ask for permission to share those, as I am then not only sharing intimate details of myself, but also of others.

This makes me think of a gorgeous image of Sophia and me. This was such an incredibly intimate moment – a moment of connection, a moment of peace, a moment to… be.

If I think of other intimate things I have shared on this blog, what comes to mind are the following posts:

There are many ways to share intimate details and each of us choose how much we want to share. I started my blog because I wanted to share my words, my fantasies, and I ended up sharing much more than that. My blog has grown into a journal for myself, as well as a place where I can connect with like-minded people – people who love to share their intimate details too.

A to Z Challenge 2017

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