After dedicating February Photofest 2017 to the history of my seven years of blogging, I decided to do the A-Z Blogging Challenge 2017 in a similar way. Similar, not the same.

I know the clitoris is but a small part of the female genitalia, but I think for many women it’s maybe the most important part. For me it definitely is, as it’s that tiny piece of flesh that always plays a big role in bringing me the utmost pleasure.

I have no idea when I discovered how my clitoris can bring me one orgasm after the other, but bless that day! I remember a time when I was about 24 or 25 and I went away with a boyfriend for a weekend. He rubbed my clitoris and made me come, and then continued. The more he frigged my clitoris, the more I climaxed. Over and over and over again. Finally I was so exhausted that I asked for a time-out. By then I had 21 orgasm, he told me, and that was a record for many, many years.

Back when Master T and I started chatting to each other, he mentioned that he would love to see my pussy pierced. I cringed at the idea and thought I would never do it, but the day after we moved in together in August 2004, my clitoral hood was pierced. Damn, I was so proud that I had done it and it just felt so good – for the first couple of weeks. After that, I got used to the physical feeling of the piercing, but the joy of having one didn’t disappear. It was the first act of submission that I had done for Master T, even though back then I didn’t recognize it as such. I’ve had several different piercing jewelry in it and when I am in the mood for a change, I just go to the piercing shop and have another ring put in. Which makes me think… it might be time for some new bling again!

Why is my clitoris so important to me? It’s a tiny piece of flesh that can ignite the fire in me. Sometimes it just needs a gentle touch, other times a bit of pressure to make me want more, to make me crave an orgasm. When I was single, my clitoris was always the way I reached my masturbatory orgasms. My clitoris in combination with vaginal or anal stimulation is so fucking good. It brings me the most wonderfully intense orgasms. And, last but not least, using the Womanizer on my clitoris always makes for intense orgasms, except when I stop just before the orgasm happens (mostly when I have no permission). Those times when I stop before my orgasm, my clitoris feels alive for the rest of the day, craving for Master T’s touch.

There are so many stories I can tell you about my clitoris, for instance when I used ginger root on it and just loved the tingly burning sensation, or when my clitoris is rubbed after my G-spot has been stimulated and I explode in a squirting orgasm.

My clitoris definitely is one of my favorite parts of my body.

A to Z Challenge 2017

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