After dedicating February Photofest 2017 to the history of my seven years of blogging, I decided to do the A-Z Blogging Challenge 2017 in a similar way. Similar, not the same.

My breasts have featured on my website in so many different stories and in even more images than I can count. Not all of those images have only been about showing off my breasts. There are other things too, such as:

To be honest, my breasts have brought me so much pleasure in my life. It’s one part of my body that I am incredibly proud of. Do you know the ‘pencil test’ where you can check whether your breasts are sagging some? I have tried it a couple of times, but I’m never able to trap a pencil beneath my breast. I am proud that, even though I have turned 50 this year and despite the fact that I have lost a lot of weight, my breasts are still firm and beautiful. With the weight loss they had gotten a bit smaller, but only up to a point and then the ‘shrinking’ stopped.

This year, since I turn 50, I will get an invitation for a mammogram and from now on I will get an invitation every two years. This screening is organized by the government and a damn good thing in my book, as they catch breast cancer in an early stage. They also do this for cervical cancer, but then the screening start at the age of 30. The only thing I would love to see changing in this is that the breast cancer screening also starts when women turn 30 and not only when they turn 50.

My breasts are not big. I wear a modest B-cup and I always wear a padded bra, because I think they look a lot nicer. But, I can easily go without a bra and sometimes I do and that looks good too. I guess I just like the way a bra helps me to form a beautiful cleavage and preferably I wear a dress that’s low enough to show at least some of the cleavage.

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  1. Love Breasts and had fun exploring your links of posts past. Hmmm… I have some rubber bands… I wonder if I should try some…

  2. I’m sure I could hold a pack of pencils under my breast, but I am learning to feel similarly about my own body. I’m a C cup and gravity has hit to a certain extent, but I love their shape and I love how they feel in my hands. I wish I could capture my favorite angles with my camera but it hasn’t quite happened yet. Ah well. 🙂

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