Birthday Weekend

Last weekend I turned fifty, and for the first time ever, I invited some ‘kinky friends’ over to celebrate together with family. Early in the evening family started leaving and eventually only those ‘kinky friends’ were still here. We talked about floggers and dildos and sex (as I guess could have been expected) and I even got some of our toys downstairs for others to see. Then one couple left. Another couple and a single man remained. Then the other couple left.

For the three hours that followed. so many things happened. For now I am sharing one of the images that Master T had made during those three hours…

The story of that night will follow…

Playing with the Njoy Eleven
The Njoy Eleven in action… I love how this man’s hand is keeping me open to allow this huge dildo to slip inside me.

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12 thoughts on “Birthday Weekend

  1. Oh goodness Marie . . . that photo is so, so . . . so . . . sexy!!!
    So wonderful to hear you had such a fun and sexy birthday!!!
    Xxx – K

  2. Happy Birthday to you, maybe a little late, but no less meant. What a wonderful age 50, and what a way to celebrate. It’s a cliche, but no less true: Please enjoy every day like it was the last one.

  3. I have the sudden urge to celebrate myself after reading this and seeing that photo. Wow.

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