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On the first day of this year I posted an image called ‘Candlelight‘. I still adore the image, but there are also others that have been taken on the same day which I really like. Instead of posting all of them for several different Sinful Sundays, I have chosen one more to share with you.

Candlelight boobs
This is the image as it came off the camera…

I really adore this image, but I wanted to play with it in Photoshop to see what it looked like with different edits. No filter I used made it better, until I tried the ‘high key filter’ (which seems to be a favorite of mine, along with the ‘old photo’ filter). Below you see the image with the high key filter.

High key candlelight boobs
The same image, but with a high key filter…

Now I do have a bit of a dilemma. I really like both photos – the original and the edit – but cannot seem to choose a favorite. Can you?

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Sinful Sunday
This post was chosen by Emmeline Peaches as one of the top 5 for Sinful Sunday. This is what she said about it: 

You may have heard the saying ‘painting with light’ but Marie Rebelle embodies the phrase in this amazing piece. Marie was debating which image looks best from the natural and edited version and, although both are absolutely stunning, I have to go with the natural one.

The rich hues of the candle’s glow are perfectly contrasted with the deep shadows cast by the darkness of the room. Together these two elements hug Marie’s body in a manner that is simultaneously inviting and intimate.
It welcomes the eye but denies the touch. Just a glimpse—a flicker of insight. And yet it offers everything it needs to.

13 thoughts on “Specks & Spots

  1. Ohh that is a tough one. I like them both but for very different reasons however there is something about the warm colours and the real darkness of the shadows in the original that I really like


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