Sixty nine is when two people adopt a position so that each persons mouth is near the other persons genitals and oral sex is performed simultaneously. The people are therefore mutually inverted like the numerals 6 and 9 thus giving rise to the name 69. There are a variety of different position this can be performed in, one person on top of the other, laying side by side, and some more acrobatic version that involve one person sitting or standing holding the other. This is a sex act that can be performed by all gender combinations; MF, FF and MM.

Three separate experiences came to mind when I read the above. The first happened many years ago, in a previous lifetime. The second was with Master T and the third happened on my fiftieth birthday party.

Many years ago

In a previous lifetime, long before I moved to Europe, I was in an unhealthy relationship with a married couple. I had sexual interaction with both the woman and the man. I was madly in love with him and only tolerated her because of that. He ‘forced’ her and me to have sex with each other and we did, because neither of us were strong enough to resist him (in whatever way). She was my first experience with a woman and she was the one who introduced ’69’ to me. We would each lay on our sides, facing each other’s pussies. This way we could pleasure each other, but her husband could also decide who of us he wanted to fuck. I say that I mostly tolerated her, but I also want to say that I have learned a lot of her and many of our sexual encounters were quite enjoyable. This kind of sixty-nine is quite relaxing for both parties, since you can just rest your head on the other’s thigh and pleasure them with your mouth and tongue.

Just recently

Like I said in my Sinful Sunday post of 5 March, I still have a story to tell about my birthday and what happened when only one man of my visitors was left – Mister Silent. I had so many orgasm that night and I absolutely loved to feel his lips on my pussy. He wanted me to suck him at the same time, so positioned me on the couch, my legs against the wall and my head hanging over the edge of the couch. The position wasn’t the most comfortable, but it was certainly very enjoyable to pleasure and to be pleasured at the same time.
(The posts about that evening will be online in the coming weeks.)

Sucking Mister Silent
Sucking Mister Silent while he licked me…

Master T

The best ever experience I had with sixty-nine was with Master T. This happened quite some years ago and I probably have written about it before, but allow me to tell you about this again. I had already had a lot of orgasms when Master T rolled over onto his back and told me to straddle his face. I faced the wall when I did, but he told me to turn around and faced the other side. This of course allowed me to bend forward and take his cock in my mouth. Master T had his arms around my legs and pulled to open my labia. His tongue touched my sensitive clitoris. He licked me and then suck my clitoris in between his lips. My lips worked up and down his shaft. I moaned and sucked and groaned and licked. His fingers found my asshole, which he didn’t penetrate, but just the touch of his fingers, the sucking and the licking was enough to send me over the edge and give me an enormous orgasm. Spasms were still ripping through my body when Master T’s load hit the back of my throat. I swallowed every drop and rolled off him, still panting. That night is edged in my mind as one of our many sexual highlights.

Is ’69’ a kink?

There definitely is something magical about feeling the sensations between my legs while I feel different sensations in my mouth; to taste the other while I know they are tasting me; to feel their body reacting to the ministrations of my mouth while I am all too aware of my own body’s reactions. In the three experiences I have written about above, I have been on my side, on my back and on my knees. Each of those positions has a different ‘feel’ to it. Side by side I feel equal to the other, but when I am on top or underneath, it satisfies the submissive in me. When I am underneath I have no way of ‘controlling’ the depth of penetration, but when I am above, I am spread and exposed to mouth and hands. I think my favorite position is the latter, to be on my knees, straddling a man’s face and sucking him off while he licks and sucks me and maybe also finger-fuck my cunt or ass.
I think it might be safe to say that ’69’ might just be one of my kinks!

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  1. 69 is one of our favorites! This is so deliciously hot to read!!

    We love 69 more AFTER we have fucked and he cums inside me!


  2. There is definitely a difference between FF & an MF 69 for me. I find the female version a lot more pleasurable. With the MF version I need him to be on top and fully in control for it to work for me.

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