The Rosebud

She’s been in here for two weeks now and still there was no news on when she would be discharged. Aly sat in the chair at the window, looking out on the park below. Some patients walked around in their dressing gowns and slippers, holding onto an IV pole while others kept themselves upright behind a walker. Some sat on benches, enjoying the afternoon sun. Most of the patients had visitors with them.

Aly sighed. She had absolutely no desire at all to go outside and especially not on her own. Today was one of those days that she had no visitors during the afternoon visiting hours. She looked at the three other beds in the room. All of her fellow patients had gone outside with their visitors. She could see one of them on the bench under the big tree and another walking arm in arm with his wife.

I’m in the room all by myself, Aly thought and a tingle ran down her spine. She shook her head. It wasn’t appropriate to feel frisky in hospital, right? But then again, why not? She was healing nicely and even though she wasn’t well enough yet to be discharged, she was feeling a lot better. It’s only normal for those feelings to come back too, she said to the tiny voice in her head. Her mind wandered back to before she was hospitalized. She had been talking to a friend about hot toys for adults and how she had wanted to buy something special for herself for some time. Her friend, Mandy, had only smiled.

A week later the two of them went shopping. Aly was surprised when Mandy grabbed her hand and pulled her into a sex shop where they had walked by many times before. Aly’s first instinct was to giggle and she wanted to walk back outside, but curiosity took over. The first she saw was the beautiful hot and sexy lingerie and sexy dresses, mostly in black, white and red. The flimsy lace items lured her closer and she couldn’t stop herself from running her fingers over the soft fabric. They walked deeper into the store. Aly’s eyes grew wide when she saw the selection of vibrators and dildos on the shelves against the back wall.

Every color was represented – pastel colors, bright and happy colors, black and red and of course, the ‘natural’ colors that were used to make the dildos look as real as possible. Aly walked towards the glass dildos which were beautiful works of art with vibrant colors and beautiful forms. She ran a finger over the cool and smooth surface of one of the glass dildos. Mandy took a vibrator from the shelf and switched it on. Aly touched it to feel the vibrations. She liked what it felt like, but she didn’t like the sound the vibrator made. Eventually Aly bought a beautiful glass dildo with a light pink rose bud on the outer end.

She glanced at the clock. There was still an hour left of visiting hours and she was still alone in the room. Aly took her toiletry bag from the bedside cabinet and went to the bathroom. She unzipped the side compartment and took out the glass dildo to rinse it under warm water. After she had dried it, she walked back to her bed, got on it, raised the one side to an almost sitting position and then pulled the covers up. She slipped her nightdress up and her knickers to the side. The rosebud kissed her wetness before it slipped inside her.

Half an hour later, when the other patients started to return from outside, Aly lay on her side. Her eyes were closed, but she wasn’t sleeping. Her body was relaxed after a much needed orgasm and her mind was relaxed. Her earlier frustration had disappeared. Only a tiny wet spot in her bed was evidence of what she had done during visiting hours.

© Rebel’s Notes

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