“One Man Is Not Enough For You.”

Twelve years ago, Master T spoke these words to me.

I cannot remember the exact moment that he did, but some weeks ago he repeated it.

“One Man Is Not Enough For You.”

Those words have been going around in my mind ever since.

I remember during 2015 and 2016 I have frequently seen posts or tweets about monogamy. Is monogamy natural? I even blogged about it in 2015 and I spoke about our kind of monogamy, where we allow people into our relationship. Those people are mostly men, but those people are always for me, never for Master T. He has no desire at all to be with anyone but me. I’ve seen him touch only one woman before during one of our playdates and he allowed the same woman to suck him. But other than that, no.

Even before we were officially together, Master T wanted to know everything I did. I had a fling with a colleague and told Master T everything about it. I went to the sauna with someone I had met on the Internet, and told Master T how the man fingered me in the steam cabin. One night I visited The Traveler in his hotel with a friend, and afterwards came to Master T because I wanted more orgasms. He knew everything I did and I always returned to him. Maybe what they say ‘if you love something set it free’ really is true?

Still, when we moved in together and got married and Master T told me that he would love to see other men fucking me, I could never see myself doing it. It just wasn’t right. We were married and we had to be faithful to each other. Gradually, I warmed to the idea and now I cannot imagine my life without it. Maybe this is why I couldn’t remember that Master T said it to me twelve years ago: I had dismissed it back then. Dismissed it as something that would never happen. Should and could never happen. It was wrong. Marriage should be monogamous. I should go to bed only with Master T. Right?

Those are things I had told myself for quite some time, but I don’t anymore.

Life is about living and if you live your life in a way where you don’t hurt others, you are doing it the right way.

I cannot be without Master T. I don’t even want to think about being without him. I’m at my happiest when we sit in the same room, even if we don’t have a conversation but each of us is busy with his own thing. Going out, we are always together. This is our most important rule: we are together always. No matter what, I will never go out alone with a man. I won’t be able to. Not because Master T will forbid me to, but because I just can’t. I won’t be able to enjoy an evening alone with another man, no matter how much I like him. I will constantly be thinking of Master T.

This brings me back to the conversation Master T and I had a some weeks ago. We spoke about getting older and how desires change. 2016 has been a year that started off with me recovering from whooping cough and then, in the second half of the year Master T had huge problems with his prosthetic leg and it resulted in other health issues. Add to it that for a big part of the year I wasn’t happy with my body and then you have a recipe for little kink and little sex. But, age plays a role too. Even if you don’t want it to play a role, it does. The older we get, the lower the sex drive becomes. Apparently men are quicker to fall ‘victim’ to this than women.

My sex drive has always been higher than that of Master T, but it has never been a problem for us. Some nights he fingers me until I have multiple orgasms and then we go to sleep. Mostly I want to suck or fuck him too, but he frequently tells me to go to sleep; that it’s good the way it is. It took some time to get used to it, as I always felt that I have to do something for him too, but I now know that he will direct me to his cock if that is what he wants. Besides him making sure I get my orgasms, Master T allows others to fuck me. He allows me to be with them, to indulge as much as I want, but on one condition: we are together always.

“One Man Is Not Enough For You.”

I love sex.

A lot.

Master T gives me everything I need, but he does it in a way that many people will not approve of. He gives me to others and watches how they use me. I’m allowed everything… from touching to kissing to fucking to whatever I desire. Okay, I am never the one deciding what will happen and I never ever take the lead, but I don’t have any restrictions. The only restriction – which, for me, is not a restriction at all – is that Master T is always in the same room with me and whoever is fucking me.

Is one man not enough for me? If Master T had never allowed others to fuck me and I had only him, I would still have been the happiest woman alive. I can live without any of these other men, but I would lie if I tell you I don’t enjoy the fact that I have them in my life too.

I am one damn lucky woman!

And all because twelve years ago, Master T already knew what I need. Instead of seeing it as a threat, he knew setting me free would enrich our lives, the way it has in the past years.

At the end of the day I need only one man – Master T – because he is the one making everything possible…

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5 thoughts on ““One Man Is Not Enough For You.”

  1. Loved reading this. It sounded in a way familiar. I cannot imagine nor feel the need to be with another woman. Yet I introduced The Stranger in our life. A slave for me and a toy I use on my Princess. The first time was a tryout. The second time bull’s eye. Princess and I remain but sometimes a second man adds to the pleasure.

  2. A interesting dilemma and very well put, however I suppose we are all different, I like the variety of sex with my three different men

  3. Rebel,
    I have struggled with wondering whether I will be able to be satisfied with just one man. I desire a committed and strong relationship like the one you and Master T have, but I suspect I may need to have something similar to you. I don’t want to have affairs and I’m not poly amorous… I may need to have sex with other men, within the construct of that relationship.
    Problem is I’ve met few men who think like Master T does. I hope I can find something like what you have and I’m pleased you’ve found it 🙂

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