Nature’s Fury

Rain beats down on the earth. The wind sways the branches of trees in a violent dance. A symphony of light brightens the sky and stops abruptly when the thunder cracks. Even the wind and the rain seem to stop for a split second. A thunderstorm. Nature’s fury. Nature’s beauty.

Let me start by saying that thunderstorms is are not a kink of mine.

lightningHowever, I absolutely love them!

I haven’t always like thunderstorms. There was a time when I was terribly afraid of them. I grew up in the southern tip of Africa, where we experienced thunderstorms that really made me fear them. Sometimes storms raged without the rain and the lighting set grass alight. I fear fire and maybe that was the reason why I feared them. Another reason why I might have feared them is the story of a well-known South African poet who’s daughter stood at the window looking at a thunderstorm and she was killed by lightning.

Nevertheless, we moved to Europe, where I experienced different kinds of storms than down south. I gradually came to love the forces of nature. I hate being outside when there’s a storm, but in this country you have to be. I can hardly call my work and tell them I am not coming because there’s a storm out there. Maybe that has helped me to get over my fear, I don’t know. Maybe it’s because the storms here are not as bad as they were in South Africa. Maybe it’s just because I got older and grew over the fear that stemmed from my childhood.

No matter what it is, nowadays I love a good thunderstorm. They don’t happen that frequently, but there is something about the rumbling of thunder which follows the lightning flashes that light up the sky. I have to be honest here in saying that I enjoy a thunderstorm a lot more in the evening or night than during daytime. I guess it is because I work during the day and don’t take the time to listen to the storm, but also because at night the lightning playing in the sky is so much more beautiful than during daytime.

Sometimes – maybe even always when there’s a thunderstorm out there – we open the curtains and allow the sky to give us a show. But the thing I like the most is to lie in bed at night and to listen to storm. The wind blowing through the branches of the three big trees in our garden is like music to my ears. Add the rumble of the thunder and it’s like a lullaby, soothing me and carrying me to dreamland. I love listening to a thunderstorm and then drift off to sleep. There is something so beautiful about it.


I almost never hear those thunderstorms anymore. I always sleep with earplugs and so many times already it has happened that I am asked the next day: Did you hear that hard thunderclap in the middle of the night? I always have to say: No. Because, no, I don’t hear it anymore. Sometimes, in the middle of the night, when I went to bed while there’s a storm raging, I take the earplugs out to listen, but mostly I just sleep right through it. Maybe the reason for this is that the thunderstorm is soothing me to sleep after all.

Do thunderstorms turn you on? Is there something about them that makes your eyes sparkle and your heart beat just that little bit faster?

No, they don’t turn me on, but they definitely make my eyes sparkle and my heart beat just a bit faster. We might have had sex while there’s a storm outside, but then it wasn’t because I was turned on by the storm.

Thunderstorms lull me to sleep. Nature’s fury bring me peace of mind.

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