Last week I saw a lovely image by Sub Bee, in which she showed a book where she – and I, together with many others – has been published in. I really loved her photo and when a couple of days ago I received my copy of the book, I decided to follow her example!

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Showcasing the latest book I have been published in…

Master T actually made several other photos too, where the book was balanced on my bottom. I really liked those images, but then I had the idea to hold the book in front of me and that resulted in the image above, which I like even more than the ‘bottom ones’. I have finally come to terms with my identity, have come to a point in my life where I understand who I am, am proud of who I am, am sometimes even in awe of what I am capable of. Showing off this book, makes me proud, as I see this as part of the gifts I have received for my fiftieth birthday.

Have you bought the book yet?

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12 thoughts on “Identity

  1. Ooooooh, this makes me so happy. Fantastic image and I’m so pleased our image inspired you. Next year we may even manage a joint one 😉

  2. Congrats again. I love your choice of image. So lovely to see something in your hands that you contributed to.

  3. What beautiful nipples you have, I must get this book as it seems extremely popular both for delicious photographs and reading.

  4. That does it! When I get my copy in the mail (from the UK, no less, I couldn’t find the US Amazon link) you know what kind of photo I’ll be posting… as I read my friends stories. This photo brings that cover to life, Marie.

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