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Last year, our teen turned eighteen and as we approached her eighteenth birthday, I constantly joked and told her we were going to give her a vibrator with her name engraved on it. She constantly told me that I shouldn’t do it, and in the end I didn’t. She is quite open about sexual things and if she wants to buy her first vibrator, I’m quite confident that she would come to me for advise. But, what if she doesn’t? How do we educate young adults about adult toys and products?

If I think back on the time when I was eighteen and still in school, I remember that I didn’t have a lot of money. Even later in my young adult years, when I was already working, money was reserved for other things. My very first sex toy was not made of body safe materials, but it was cheap enough for me to pay. I just couldn’t afford something more expensive, and frankly, back then I was focused on having a sex toy and didn’t even consider whether the materials might be harmful. And for many years I didn’t. It was actually when I joined this community years ago that I learned about safe and unsafe sex toys.

This reminds me of a beautiful bright pink vibrator that Master T had bought. The vibrating shaft had a jelly-like layer over it and it was beautiful and soft and smooth to the touch. One night Master T pushed it into my wet cunt and immediately I felt a burning sensation. He took it out and pushed it in again after a couple of seconds and again I felt the ‘burn’. When he did it a third time, it hurt so much that I asked him not to use it anymore. It left me with a vaginal infection that took weeks to heal. This incident was from before I learned that some sex toys were made from unsafe materials.

Back to our teen. What if she wants some intimate products for herself? I have told her that if she wants to shop adult toys she should come to me and I will help her with it. Now I understand how the minds of many young adults work. By the time she’s ready to buy a sex toy, she might not have the guts to talk to me about it. So, what I do, when conversations allow it (yes, we do openly talk about sexual subjects over here – that tends to happen when your mom is a sex blogger) I mention that there are sex toys out there that are not safe and that she should educate herself before she takes the step to buy one. I hope this will get stuck in her mind somehow, that when she’s ready to buy a sex toy, she comes to me for advice or at least read reviews about the sex toy before she buys it.

Thankfully, there are a lot of online sex toy stores, as well as physical stores, that sell only safe products and where the people have the knowledge to help you make the best purchase. If you want to buy a sex toy and you need more information about it, just search online for reviews or send an email to ask for advice. I am sure they will want to help you! You want your first sex toy to be a beautiful and special experience!

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  1. Wish I Had Been As Open With My Children When They Turned 18! Lots Of Parents Should Read This Blog! Great Writing!

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