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If there is one thing I can honestly say I have never ever done in my life, it’s writing a dating profile. Even at times that I really wished I had someone special in my life, I didn’t revert to writing a dating profile.

However, I have reverted to looking at the profiles of others. It was back in the times before the Internet (yes, really!) that I found some adverts in the paper that looked interesting. One of them was for a singles club and the other was a club for bisexual women to meet each other. I got involved with the latter and it was the start of one of the worst periods in my life. More of that some other time.

The next time I looked at adverts in the paper – by then Internet was a thing, but I wasn’t very active on it (yes really!) – was when I really needed a relationship for some desperate reasons I am not ready to reveal just yet. I contacted five men and met four of them. With one of them I started a relationship, which lasted just more than a year and damn, was I happy when that ended. However, thinking of it now, he was the one who introduced me to anal sex and I will always be grateful for that.

That was the last time I ever looked at dating profiles. After that I discovered the Internet and chat rooms. I started chatting to people online and gradually moved on to MSN Messenger (does it even still exist?). But, I also discovered a site where I could post naked images of myself – Redclouds – and there I started chatting to some of the men who commented on my photos. Some of those moved to my MSN Messenger and some of them I even met in real life, like The Traveler.

Eventually I moved away from MSN Messenger. I cannot even really remember when I stopped with it. I think it must be roundabout the time that Master T and I got involved with each other. Nowadays I have my blog and Twitter and yes, we have met quite a lot of people from Twitter and also from Fetlife and some of them have moved into (and out of) our real life – Master R & Dena, Master B, Major Eric, The Talker, Sophia and her partner and of course, Mister Silent. In no way am I using Twitter or my blog primarily to meet other people. It’s a nice ‘side dish’ of something I enjoy to do.

To get back to the Wicked Wednesday question… if you have to write something for your dating profile, what would it say?

Let’s see if I can do this…

Bubbly and empathic redhead, introvert yet exhibitionist, loves being between like-minded people, but enjoys writing in a quiet corner too. She loves her husband to the moon and back and is in love with sex and cake, wine and orgasms. She’s looking for individuals to share sexy encounters, if there’s a mutual click agreement to her husband watching and taking pics. Who wants to come?

Okay, that took me just as long to write as all the words before it. Damn, it’s really hard to write a dating profile and don’t make it sound dorky. I actually think what I have written is totally unoriginal! No one would want to answer such an ad, I’m quite sure of that. So come on, tell me what YOU would want to see in my dating profile? What should I have put in it?

Oh and,.. if you really want to date me, Master T is the one to contact.

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