Breakdown service (4)

Continued from… Breakdown service (3)

There was some more chit-chat between them, shared smiles and laughter before Wayne was done and her car had a new tire. She was set to continue her journey.
“One last signature, then you’re on your way,” Wayne said as he walked towards the picnic table with a paper in his hand. He handed Gina a pen. She bent towards the paper to sign. The hand on her bottom surprised her, but she stayed still.
“I thought so,” he said. Gina straightened up and looked at him.
“Thought what,” she asked with a smile.
“This,” he said, as he pulled her closer and kissed her. She bit his lip. He jerked back from her and saw the mischief in her eyes. His hand crept around her neck. Gina breathed out hard when he pulled her head back, his fingers buried in her hair. He bit her neck, kissed it, trailed his tongue down towards her breasts and stopped. Gina stood still, waiting.

He turned her around, his hand still in her hair and steered her towards her car. Stopping in front of it, he let go of her hair and stood behind her, pressing himself against her back. He pushed the straps of her dress from her shoulder and pushed the fabric towards her waist. Her breasts and hard nipples bathed in the summer sun. He softly pinched her nipples, one by one. His hand moved down towards the fabric around her waist and pushed under it, towards her crotch. A surprised groan escaped him when he discovered her bare crotch. She wore no panties. Lust took over. He pushed her forward onto the hood of the car. The heat of it burnt into her skin, but Gina did not care. She wanted this man. She could not explain why. She just wanted him to fuck her. Pretending to fight him, she squirmed a bit. His hand held her down. He kicked her feet apart and then lifted her dress to expose her bottom.

With lust in his eyes he looked at her beckoning wetness. He softly touched her bottom, running his hand over the roundness of her buttocks. Still keeping her down, he smacked her ass.
“Oh yes,” Gina said. Wayne let go of her hair. Gina stayed on the car. More blows landed on her exposed bottom until it had a rosy color. Wayne spread her pussy lips, taking in the image of her soft pinkness. Gina heard the sound of paper tearing followed by the snapping sound of a condom. She gasped when Wayne pushed into her hard. His thrusts were hard and relentless, just the way she liked it and the way she frequently wished Kevin would fuck her. She pushed back against Wayne, opening herself up to take in all of him as deep as possible. Gina climaxed first. Wayne did not slow down his pace until he grunted in orgasm too.

Gina stayed on the hood of the car. She heard Wayne removing the condom and was surprised when she heard him slip on a new one. Was he really still hard? Could he really fuck her again? Yes, he could. Wayne pulled her along towards the picnic table. He lay down on it and held his erection up.
“Sit on it,” he asked.
Gina pulled her dress over her head and wearing only her heels, she got on the bench and then on the picnic table. She lowered herself over his cock and sighed as he entered her again. Wayne held onto her middle to steady her as he fucked her. He enjoyed the her beautiful thighs, the pink high heels and his cock pushing in and out of her spread pussy. Again Gina climaxed first, just before Wayne’s cum spurted into the condom for a second time.

It was awkward for a couple of moments afterward when they straightened their clothes. After a quick kiss and a thank you, Wayne got into the truck and slowly drove off. Gina watched as the tail lights disappeared into the darkness of the forest. Slowly she got into her car and followed. Back at the B301 she hesitated for a couple of seconds. Her decision was swiftly made. She turned the nose of her car back into the direction of the highway. She was going home.


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