Breakdown service (3)

Continued from… Breakdown service (2)

Gina had no idea how long she had been on the blanket or whether she had really drifted off to sleep. She became aware of the sound of a nearing car. She also became aware of her exposed crotch and her hand between her legs. In her half-sleep she had been playing with herself. Yes, she was horny. She had been horny since she stepped into the car to go to Kevin, knowing what she had planned. As she sat up, she saw the yellow truck parking next to her car. She quickly pulled her dress down, covering herself, but feared the service mechanic had already noticed what she had been doing.

The attractive man got out of the car and walked towards her with an outstretched hand.
“Good afternoon, miss,” he said, “my name is Wayne.”
“I’m Gina,” she said as she shook his hand.
“It’s quite a nice day out for a breakdown,” he chuckled.
Gina did not laugh.
“Only teasing, miss,” he said and smiled at her.
“Sorry, it’s not your fault. I am just a bit irritated, that’s all.”
“That’s a totally natural reaction,” he agreed, “but we will have you going in no time. Shall we first get the paperwork out of the way?”
Gina nodded. He retrieved papers from his car and the next ten minutes Gina filled out the papers. Where the breakdown service is free of charge due to her annual subscription fee, the new tire the mechanic had with him was not. The breakdown service needed to know where to send the invoice.

“Okay,” Wayne said as he walked back after putting the signed papers back in his truck, “let’s get started.”
He inspected the tire and discovered a large steel nail in it.
“There’s the culprit,” he said. Wayne pulled the nail from the tire and with a short hiss the last bit of air escaped from the tire. A large hole showed.
“This tire is a gonner,” he said.
Wayne walked to the truck and came back with something black, which he put just behind the tire under Gina’s car. The next time he walked to the truck he pulled a hose with him. This was attached to the black thing. Only then, when the black thing inflated, Gina understood that it was a pillow-like jack. She felt unsure of what to do. Should she sit down? Should she take a walk and leave him alone so he could work? Should she talk to him? Should she keep quiet? In the end she just stood there, about two meters from him and watched what he was doing. He got the conversation going.

“So, were you on your way home when this happened?” he asked.
“No, I was on my way to surprise my boyfriend with a visit,” Gina answered.
“Oh that is sweet. So he knows nothing about you coming?”
Gina shook her head and he smiled at her. She caught him looking her up and down appreciatively. The hem of Gina’s dress reached halfway down her thighs. She blushed a bit, but he pretended not to see.
“Will you be staying over at his place?”
“Yes, I was planning to stay there this weekend.”
“And your parents don’t mind that you stay with your boyfriend for the weekend?”
Gina laughed.
“Oh no,” she said, still laughing, “they don’t mind. I don’t live with them anymore. I have my own place.”
“Ah, interesting,” he said with a friendly, open smile and once again taking all of her in with an up and down glance.

Gina found herself relaxing in his company. Wayne was friendly and polite. Even though he was looking at her short dress, it did not make her feel uncomfortable. While he was working on changing the tire, he kept on talking about different things. He commented on the weather and asked her whether she had informed Kevin about her car trouble. She told him she did not, because she did not want to spoil the surprise.
“This is beautiful area you are driving through,” Wayne said.
“It sure is and it’s such a beautiful day,” Gina agreed.
“And a beautiful woman to complete it,” he said and Gina blushed.
“You really look beautiful, miss. You have lovely legs and are right to show them off the way you do with those high heels,” he continued.
“Thank you,” was all Gina could think of saying. She did not feel uncomfortably, but just did not know how to react.

To be continued… Breakdown service (4)

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  1. It would probably creep me out a little, but I have a stranger-danger thing. That being said, it would probably also turn me on a little to have that kind of solicitous attention. 🙂 Can’t wait to see where this goes!

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