Breakdown service (1)

The first Gina noticed that something was wrong with her car was the slight tremor of her steering wheel. She had no idea how long it had been there. For the last half an hour she had been singing along loudly with some of her favorite songs. She had not been paying any proper attention to her driving. Or the car, for that matter. Gina turned the volume way down so she could hear the sound of the car’s engine. No strange noises came from it.

“Dammit,” she spoke to herself, “I cannot have car trouble out here!”
She looked around her. There were fields to her left and she could not help to think how beautiful it looked in the blazing summer sun. On the other side of the road there were only trees. Huge trees. Gina tried to see something between the trees, but the forest looked dark and ominous. Her surroundings was not the only reason why she was nervous about her car breaking down out here. The way she was clothed was another. She was wearing a dress. Only. A. Dress. She pulled her dress down, covering her crotch again. As if someone could see her nakedness, the sight she enjoyed while driving and singing and loving life.

How long ago did she turn off the highway? Should she consider turning back to the highway, where there were more cars and she might get some help if her car broke down? She shrugged. That was not necessary. She had her phone with her and she had a gold membership with the national breakdown service. If something happened, she could call them and they would come out to help her. Maybe she should call Kevin and tell him that she was on her way? She was going to surprise him, but maybe it would be better if he knew where she was and what was happening? She decided against it. She really wanted to surprise him. Part of the surprise was the way she was dressed. She wanted to seduce him. He was such a prude. Her wearing only a dress was her way of wanting to excite him enough to forget that he should treat her like a lady. She wanted him to lose control, to grab her and fuck her, thinking only of his own desires.

She had barely decided not to call Kevin when the tremor in the steering wheel worsened. The car seemed to slow down all by itself too. What the hell was going on? Gina had never experienced something like this before. There must be something wrong with the car engine. She checked the front of the car to see whether there was smoke coming from anywhere. Gina had always been afraid of a car fire. No smoke was coming from anywhere – not the front and not the back. This knowledge did not relax her at all. Not knowing what was going on made her feel nervous. Gina checked the dashboard for any warning signs. None.

A blue road sign loomed ahead. Stubbornly Gina decided not to stop the car just yet, but to drive to the sign. It said that there was a roadside parking area 1 kilometer ahead.
“That will be a better place to stop, than next to this road,” she spoke out loud again, “there might even be people there.”
The car seemed to lose more momentum. At a slow pace she turned off the secondary road onto the road that lead towards the roadside parking. She drove between the dark trees and could hardly believe that on the other side of the road the sun was shining brightly. After a drive of about five minutes – it felt like an eternity – she drove into the sun and parked her car next to a picnic table.

Gina turned the key to kill the engine. She waited a couple of seconds and then turned the key again. The car instantly started again.
“Okay,” Gina said to herself, “it’s not the engine.”

To be continued… Breakdown service (2)

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